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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picture Time....

I think I completely forgot that I even started this blog.  Don't think I haven't been posting because I have, just not in this spot. 

A few things I've been working on..... 

Here are my husband with all of our children

A Custom Christmas Card I created, and they loved it and have ordered this design.

 I couldn't help taking this one.... (psst... she's my 8 year old daughter)

Now I'm just trying to get on with Christmas traditions, and hopefully can watch a few Christmas movies this December.  Getting the cards ready, the Christmas letter, getting supplies together to do some candy/cookie making.  It's ALL good, I have no complaints right now.

A while ago I mentioned that I was coaching the volleyball team.  And that all went great!  Now we are onto Basketball, and I coach the girls that are in 7th and 8th grades.  Haven't really started our games yet, but as soon as January comes we'll be on a regular game schedule of Tuesday and Thursdays with practice the other days.  Crazy times, but it's FUN!!