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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life is good.

Tomorrow we're hosting a huge family BBQ for Memorial Day.  My husband and I are so excited for this.  School is now over for the summer, and we have less then one week before we head out to Cali to visit with my family.  I'll do a few photo shoots while I'm there.  A huge family session for a friend of mine from high school, that I haven't seen in several years.  But thankfully with the internet, we've been able to communicate still.  I'm a little nervous, seeing how this will be my first large group to work with. But at the same time I'm really excited to get the experience in. 

You see, I'm hoping to own my own photography business within a year or so, and I'm trying to hone the skills that are needed to be a great photographer.  I've done a few newborn sessions for some friends that were gracious enough to lend me their gorgeous little babies to use as a model.   I've edited some of the pictures, and uploaded them to share with others, but I have a few more poses that I need to edit a little and then post them on here. 

It's amazing how much I'm absorbing as I go along. I've always had a knack for learning new things, and I've always had a love for photography, but never had a good camera until a month ago.  So now I have my first DSLR ..simply put a camera that I can change the lens on.  I now have two lens that I can use on my camera with dreams of a few others that I'd like to get.  But everytime I get a chance, I pull out my camera and practice on how to operate it.  And I'm beginning to learn that when I hear that sometimes a photographer will take a dozen or more pictures of the same "subject" and get 1 -2 pictures that really turn out great.  

But it's fun!! Mistakes and all.  The hard part is trying to find out, what is needed in order to start up an official legit business, and wondering if I'll be able to find enough clients that I can really begin to make money.  (crossing my fingers)

Just trying to build up a portfolio for now, so that I have something to show to potential clients.  My next goal is to do a few "patriotic" sessions.  I've got one scheduled with a little baby in about two weeks, and I'm so excited.  I have a session tentatively scheduled ...but it all depends on when he decides to join the human race here on earth.   So I'll be doing that one probably after I return from Cali as well. 

So be sure to check out my other blog HERE to see some of the projects I've been working on. 

But first I'll share on of my own son that I totally adore... of course, it's while he is sleeping.  He's just so darn precious in this form. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Party for Katherine

I am getting into photography more and more everyday!! I love learning about it, and practicing things I read and hear about... I'm totally having fun!!!  Today we had a birthday party for my sweet girl who is Now 10!!

Here are a few of the pictures that I took from the party .... to see more be sure and stop by my newest blog set up specifically for photography and digital scrapbooking fun.   (It's on wordpress, and I'm thinking I like the functionality of that site better anymore...)

These pictures may seem redundant... because I posted a few on facebook, a few on Cream of the Crop and of course,  a handful or two over at Cream of the Crop Designs...   * My new wordpress blog.

I'm located in Utah County, and am willing to do photo shoots on location... contact me if you are interested wizzardmom (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Birthday Girl!! 


Fairy Angel 

And what fun is a birthday party unless you use some FROSTING !!! 

This party was so fun.  The point of it was to come with a "GOOFY" fashion show outfit, and then they'd have the chance to be a "MODEL".  So they got pictures taken, they got to take a walk on the runway (using our grass strip on the driveway)  The girls were all so beautiful, and got along well together.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fix It Fridays ... May 14th 2010

Okay I'm finally ready to post this edit.  I've been working on it off and on all day long in between 
watching my 5th grader in a play this morning, and having lunch with the boys afterwards and then 
back to the school for the kinder roundup.  

I also managed to steal some time with my hubby tonight and went out to eat and then hit up a 
baseball card shop up in Orem.  He was like a kid going into a candy store. Seriously. 

At any rate, I'm finally ready to post my version of the edit. 

Be sure and click on the Fix it Fridays picture and go take a look at some more amazing edits.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

My daughter who is in 5th grade this year, was part of this AWESOME FLAG.  
This picture, I was playing with a long shutter speed, 
and doing zoom out motion (I think).  
At any rate I loved how this photo turned out. 

It was so fun, to sit here and listen to the songs that were sung, and know that we do live in 
an AMAZING country.   Not perfect by any means, but the values upon which it was founded are 
awe inspiring to all around.   This flag is made up of fifth grade.students in Utah County schools in Utah.
It was the Hope of America program which is part of Provo's Freedom Festival.


I arrived at this event a few minutes late because I was getting pampered over at the church by 
they young women who were doing pedicures and manicures in hopes of raising money for 
girls camp this summer.  It was so nice, and so worth it!!  It was part of my Mothers Day gift.
Here I am soaking my feet. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

IT's Friday and that means its time to EDIT again...

Okay so I joined up with I heart Faces again, to do the Friday Fix It.   This one was fun to do as well. It's great trying to play around and see what I can come up with.    Be sure to stop by I ♥ Faces and check out all the other amazing people that have played along with the editing fun. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remembering Grandpa...

Pulled from the archives: Originally posted May 2nd, 2009 just three days before Grandpa passed away although it was on my other blog. Forgive me if I'm a little emotional today and tomorrow (May 4th & 5th) .

(I've updated this with new updates on his condition added in purple)
My thoughts today are with my Grandpa Hill.
Family Reunion in Idaho June of 2002.

My Grandpa with all of his children that were still living. June 2002

L-R Grandpa, Aunt Kathy, My Dad, Uncle Randy, Aunt Rose, and in the back Uncle Don.

As much of the family that was there: June 2002

This was taken at my brother David's wedding June of 2005

He's in the hospital and my cousin Angie has this as her status. Saturday May 2nd, 2009

"Grandpa still critical.. He has a very low blood pressure. Last night when I was there it was around 66/36 and high toxicity level. His kidneys and liver are failing.They got the bleeding in his esophagus to stop. He got 10 units of blood yesterday. Please pray hard. Family: If you want to get a message to grandpa send it to me and I will print it and take it and read it to grandpa. All grandpa's kids are now here"

ADDED LATER: And here is an email

I just got this from my Aunt Rose:
"Dad was rushed to the hospital at 3am friday morning coughing up lots and lots of blood, he had spewed out half of his body's blood and the replaced it with 6 units of blood. When they found the problem and fixed it (a vein in his esophgus had ruptured. Dr. has told us it is related to his diabetes and damage that it has done to his liver. They had given him a 30 percent chance of surviving this episode. Late last night they informed us that his kidneys and liver are not working and have shut down, If they dont start to function soon the acids that accumulate when these things are not working will build up in is stomach and will reach a point where it is irreversible and nothing they can do to help him. We are now in a wait and see if they start working. So please pray for my dad that God does what is best for him. Love Rose "

Update from Angie's facebook 7:41pm May 2nd, 2009 "Well just got update and they are going to try and do a round of dialysis to see if they can get the toxicity level down on my grandpa. If it works they will line up a second round. If not, then grandpa will be on his way to the lord. Thank you everybody for your thoughts and prayers. They are still very much needed. Will keep you updated as I can on here."

Update from Angie's facebook about 9:50 am May 4th, 2009 " This mornings Grandpa's update is that his kidney's and liver still haven't kicked in. I don't know much more than that. They are limiting his visitors so that he can get some rest. My cousin Chris's wife is at the same hospital. Her appendix bursted and she had to have surgery. Looks like she is doing good. I will go see her later today. Will keep you updated when I can. "

Update from Angie's facebook 10:59 am May 3rd, 2009 " Ok, so far so good with grandpa. His body took to the dialysis good. He was able to maintain his blood pressure. His toxicity levels are down to almost a normal level. However, his liver and kidney's haven't kicked in yet. Still need to get his heart rate lower. His blood pressure is looking better now. Will keep you posted when I get back from the hospital later... Thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone!

Latest Update from Angie on Facebook 11:09 pm May 4th, 2009 "Wish I could come to you with good news but none to tell of. Grandpa is going to start a 24 hours round of dialysis as a last ditch effort. If it don't work then I think it is safe to say I think they will take him off life support. I hit my moment to break tonight. Grandpa wasn't really there.

(Added after original post: ) Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 15:41:15 -0700
Dad (marty) is about the same at this point. They will start a second round of dialysis tonight sometime. his heart rate is down to 115 it was up as high as 155. his blood pressure is now up to 120/80. it was 64/40. his acid levels came down from the first round of dialysis, but are now rising again. He now has a normal temperature. His is very critical and chances for survival are low. We have a small hope that the dialysis will help his kidneys and liver start working again. When things change i will send out an update. Will all of you please spread the update to all whose e-mail i dont have. Maybe Dean you can post on family site for us. Please pray for him.
Love Rosie

So after reading this, and hearing updates occasionally from my mother, things aren't looking good and I feel like it's just a waiting game until he passes on. I'm praying that he isn't suffering very much and that as he passes it's not painful. But I stop to think about what a sweet reunion might take place if he does. You see my grandmother (his wife) has been dead for nearly 21 years. Even though my grandfather was remarried, he really loved my grandma A LOT. He was sealed to hear in the Salt Lake Temple and have their children sealed to them as well. But he basically stopped going to church, and was inactive even before my grandma died. But I'm hoping that through the Atonement all things might be made right... but I don't know, because I don't know how things like this work. What I do know, is that there is a God, our Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to be happy. I say Happy, but that doesn't mean that we won't face trials, and challenges. After all we do have our agency to chose, what we'll do, but if we can pray and be able to know the will of our Father, and do what he wants we can all find happiness. I don't want to sound grimm, but I decided to write my Grandpa a letter, long as it might be, but just in case he does die, I wanted to let him know the following:

Hey Grandpa, May 2, 2009

I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to grow up most of my life and have you be a part of it. You always made my day brighter when I would see you. And ever since I’ve been married, the chances that I’ve gotten to see you are even more cherished. I remember the attempts at trying to take pictures and the kids wouldn’t cooperate, and they were struggling and screaming and trying to get “out of there”. But there you and Maria sat with large smiles on your faces, and looks in your eyes with nothing but love for us.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get to see you as often as I hoped, but at least you were there for the important times. At my reception when I was married, and all the goofy –ness that you always seem to carry with you everywhere. And I got to see
you last November when Victoria was married. The funny thing being that I
didn’t even recognize you, I thought you were your brother, because you
looked a lot skinnier than I remembered.

My sister's wedding November 2008, Ridgecrest, California.

My husband, Chris, was the one that had to point you out and say that you were my Grandpa. Duh, you were sitting with Maria, so you’d think that I’d have put one and one together and knew that. So I’m glad I have that fun memory. I also remember when my husband’s brother got married back in Sept 2001, and we got to see you then. You were missing a few of your front teeth, and I commented on it. And you said, that Maria socked you a good one and just knocked them right out. You always could tell a great story with lots of embellishments. I always enjoy getting hugs from you; it always helped me to feel loved. Thanks for everything you’ve always done for me.

Know that we are praying for you, and that your in God’s hands and we (my family) will go on and remember the great example you are. You have taught me through my father about working hard, and being a respectable person, and that there are times for play when work is done. You have a great capacity for love, and everyone enjoys being around you.

I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t going so well for you and can only hope that you aren’t suffering a lot of pain. I just really want to let you know that I know that God lives, and loves all of us, and even you.

And in case things don’t miraculously go in a different direction, I’ll feel better knowing that I let you know how much I LOVE YOU, and how much you mean to me. My kids have all had the chance of meeting you, and that is awesome that they still have a great great grandpa alive that they were able to meet.

I’m praying for you, and know that you’re in God’s hands and whatever the outcome, know that I’ve always loved you and will talk about you to my kids all their lives so that they know what a great person you are. Sorry for the length, but I’m taking Angie up on her offer and don’t want to take the opportunity for granted.

I love you Grandpa!!! ------

Love always your granddaughter Wendy

My Reception June 1998.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Interrupt this blog to tell you....

NO I'm not Pregnant   Not Moving, I'm not SICK.  I am tired though, but that isn't why we're interrupting here... Please head over to my other blog and get a feel for what is UP!!!  

Thanks so much. 

Ashby button

Okay just kidding I'll tell you here.

Today is the day for the ONLINE Ashby Fundraiser!!

Being held at Trapped Between a Hug and a Scream, and there are lots of great things that have been donated and all the proceeds are going to help the family with medical bills, and getting their house renovated for wheel chair access.

I have some things I'm donating to the cause, and hope that you can stop over there and be able to help this family out. And you can still donate $$ even if you don't want to buy something. Everything is appreciated.

I'm offering to do 25 different 2 page digital scrapbook pages. With the buyer supplying all the pictures and any journaling needed to tell the story or date the activity/pictures etc... Buyer will supply up to 10 pictures and I'll do a custom layout for you and your special memories. I'll email them to you, and you will need to get them printed if that's what you desire. This is such a great deal!!!

The cost is $10.00 per two page layout.

And here is the link to my stuff. (I've also created two paper packs that are digital available for purchase as well. Costing $4.00 a piece)

And here is the link to the blog with a lot of other great things listed as well!!

First Attempts... and some editing fun!!

I love being part of a HUGE extended family!!

We had the great opportunity to all gather (well all but one of my husband's sisters and her family) but everyone else gathered and had great food, and good fun!!   


I get to play with my camera  some more using my nieces and nephews. (Okay well, maybe I used my own kids for a few shots as well)    It was a great day, and I had so much fun watching them play, and decided to just get solo shots of as many of them as I could get, and some great group shots too.    (oh did I tell you I got a NEW camera for my birthday a week ago?)

Here are a few ... (plus I'll post more on my other blog too.) 

This first one, I wanted to play around with some of the settings on my software, and thought 
that this antiqued style was looking pretty awesome!!

And who can resist a cute little red head??  Isn't she adorable!!?? 

And then of course, here's one of my beauties!!

And this handsome young man!!  I love his freckles!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fix It Fridays ...

Okay so yesterday I was helping out at the school all day, so I wasn't able to jump in on the
Fix it Fridays over at I ♥ Faces.  

But this edit looked like a fun one I wanted to take a stab at.  
This is the original image I had to work with.

 First I worked on getting rid of the distracting objects. 
I've never really attempted this before, and if I have, 
well let's just say it didn't look so great.  But I felt 
happy with this attempt and went with it.

 And after getting rid of the distractions from the original image, 
I mess with the "tone" of the picture. And did a few tweaks 
with a second program. I probably overdid it but I was just 
having fun, and experimenting anyways.

And finally we have the end image.  Let me know what you think, and be honest.  I want to try and hone or rather acquire some serious photo editing skills, that will hopefully help me out in the future. 

Like to Digi Scrap??? Or make digi cards??


Okay so here's the scoop again, in case you missed it earlier this last week or so. 
I have a friend in my neighborhood who was in a terrible accident that has left him paralyzed.  

He has two sons serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints.  And one son who leaves for the Army 
this coming Monday May 3rd.  Which will leave his only daughter 
still living at home.  

He was the main provider for the family, and the medical bills are staggering into amounts 
I've never even imagined before in my life.  Plus they need to renovate the house 
for wheelchair accessiblity. 
This is a fabulous family that also happen to live a few houses from me. 

A few ladies, that are friends of mine, are throwing together an online sale .. 
to take place on Monday May 3rd, 2010.  

I decided to step up my "hobby" a notch and try my hand at designing 
some digital paper packs.  Great for doing digital scrapbooking with, making cards, 
using on your blog as a background ... etc... 

So I'll be donating any monetary proceeds that are gained from these to the family. 
So do me a favor and spread the word!!! PLEASE!!!  
And stop by this BLOG on Monday and check out all the other amazing things that 
have been donated !!!