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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I WON!! And hope to do it again!!!

Okay so bare with me, I am just a little excited!!!

 Just found out that I am the winner for Tristi Pinkstons book called Secret Sisters!!!

A few days (or week) ago I blogged about wanting to win a fantastic giveaway, and well it helped me tons because I did win it!! 

So I'm going on a limb again, and want to cross my fingers really tight for a chance to win another free book!!  But you can also enter by going to this website. 

Sounds like a great book, and since I've got summer right around the corner and lots of time, that will not be used transporting kids to and from school, or the endless tortuous hours of the homework struggles, I'll have some time on my hand to do some READING and adding books to my collection to read over the summer can't ever be a bad thing. Right??  

I'm excited to check this author's work out!!  Laurie Lewis,   has written Awakening Avery which the book is scheduled to come out really soon!   I'd love to get my hands on a copy!!   How about you??? Hop on over here for your chance to win.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Birthday Vlog...

Okay people, I know I wanted to be wild and crazy, but felt I really wasn't capable.

Well I have since learned that I can be, since I've recorded this video earlier.  I'm NUTS!!  I must be!

But it was so much FUN!!   I think my friend Cluttered Brain is starting to rub off on me!! (And by the way Alexes this is just for you!!)  

So sit back and get ready for a belly full of laughs, because I laughed when I went back and watched it. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please take a minute ....

Trying to spread the word, so please stop doing everything you are doing and go here.

Grab one of these button from the blog link right above and put it on your blog!! 

Ashby button
A friend and neighbor of ours was in a tragic accident that has left him paralyzed.  

The hospital bills are going to go through the roof, and their house will need to be renovated 
and made wheelchair accessible.   Read more at the blog above, and help spread the word !!  

A last minute hair affair.... ???

Okay so this isn't quite last minute, but I was wondering if there was anything that I wanted to do that was "WILD AND CRAZY" before I have my birthday on SATURDAY!!

and my mind went BLANK..  That's right, completely BLANK!! 

For one I'm not the "WILD AND CRAZY" kind, until I get around a bunch of my friends at different gatherings we all go too, then things get kind of crazy.

So I've been thinking some more and well, I'm sorry to say I have NOTHING in mind.

As many of you know I have LONG, LUSCIOUS (at least I like to call it luscious) Brown, slightly wavy hair and it's a complete difference from when I was married.

One of my Senior Pics ... and I still have the jacket.    This was fall of 1995!!!  So for those who don't want   do the math... I graduated in 1996 so I've been out of school   FOREVER now.  Can you tell I didn't want to do the math either... I hate the reminders that I'm getting older everyday!!   
So my hair wasn't extremely long, like it is now, but it wasn't really short either.  

Then: circa 1998 (to be exact June 24)

This was Fall of 2005 before I got this haircut I had long hair at least to the 
middle of my back. So I liked the hair cut like the first day, and then I hated it. 
I couldn't duplicate how she styled it at the salon, and then ... well I like my 
hair longer.  So I grew it out, and it grew, plus I got pregnant with my 5th kid and 
my hair grows a little accelerated then, and ....

.... And here I am circa 2010 -- nearly 12 years later.  (To be exact March 20, 2010) 

My question then is .... Do I do something extreme to my hair?
Would you, if you were in my situation? 
And what's your take on coloring hair? 
Do you let your daughters do that?
I want to go lighter again, but I don't want to 
explain to my tweens why they can't, if I do that.

So back to the first question... do I be daring and bold .... ?? 
  ** Hint:  NO WAY IN HECK!!!

See what did I tell you.. I'm not WILD and CRAZY 
all by myself but put me in a room with other attention 
starved ladies and we can all be quite a riot. 
And that does a body good. 

And PS... don't knock the pictures, we only used disposable cameras to take pictures and I really REGRET 
that now, do you hear me... I REGRET NOT HAVING A PHOTOGRAPHER  on the professional level 
there to capture our special day together.   So it wasn't a very good image to begin with, but 
it's all we have. And for that I am grateful. 

Secondly, the current picture is taken with my piece of junk point and shoot camera that is on 
it's way to camera heaven ... just as soon as I get a better one. (Crossing my fingers..remember 
my birthday is on Saturday -- just two more days )  Oh my.

So I'm now curious as to "Extreme" hair changes for you over the last 12 years.  

So go ahead and create a crazy post like this one, and show us the changes you've been through with your hair, and what you did or didn't like about it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Spring ....

Okay here is the another paper pack, that I was mostly finished with yesterday, but had to make a few little tweaks, and put the preview together.  So here is another sample of what I've come up with.

I love the colors in this pack. Because I like the bright colors at springtime, that just seem to pop out at you as you drive by.  And these colors POP out at me!! 

I'm thankful to have such a talent, or knack for trying to create these things. That I can use for my own scrapbooking and I can share with others.  (But not yet)

You may wonder why I have put the name Cream of the Crop Designs on here,   because my original blog that I started is called Cream of the Crop, and the name just seems to flow already and I just added Designs to the end of it.  But that blog is geared more for family updates and such, so I direct the general population to this blog.

Sweet Spring

My first time....

I've written this once, and thought it was way too wordy.
I'll start over.
First time ever, creating my own paper pack.
Good for use with digital scrapbooking, blog design etc..
Had lots of fun coming up with these.
Trying to help some friends putting on an online fundraiser in the next few weeks or so.

I came up with this, and decided to step out of my comfort zone.
I'm donating this pack ...
If you want to purchase it I'll give you more details later (Like when I get the complete details)
I will create at least one more... that is good for.... I don't know yet.

A preview of the 15 papers I came up with.
And two pages with my pictures using my papers too.
Now it's time to sleep... if I can get beyond this insomnia ... and I'm not prego.. so I'm not sure why
I have an issue right now. 

Questions.  Just ask. Thanks Goodbye.

Stars and Stripes Preview

So I grabbed some of my pictures from 2008 that I hadn't scrapbooked yet and used my very own papers that I created, and all the elements I did myself.  This was so fun!!!

Check out Little Man's scrunched up face!!! I love when he did that. He's kind of phased out of it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I ♥ Faces Week 16 -- Photo Collage

So this week on I ♥ Faces the theme is Photo Collage.

So I wanted to go back and put together a little memory from my baby boy's 1st birthday. I loved these pictures, and had lots of fun taking them. I can't believe how big he is now.  He just turned 3 about a week ago.  My how time flies.


My Week at a glance.... (It's just the begining)

I'm a RETARD of a DOOFUS!!! (Okay not like that is really a correct term or anything but I just like making up funny ridiculous names to call myself, or others closely related or on nearly BFF status)

I revamped my other blog,  and gave it a new look. So swing by and have a peak if you'd like.  The other look was great for Winter Time, but I needed something different for SPRING and maybe into Summer.  So I had fun creating it.

So why am I "whining" or "complaining" ?   Well,   I'm glad you asked.

I don't have much time during the day, with two little rascals keeping me busy here at home, or out and about trying to stay sane, and regular household duties that need attention, it's really hard to find time to "REVAMP" much of anything in blogland.   So the only way I can do it, is by sacrificing some sleep.  Now that I've played around with it, I'm liking it a lot. 

This week at a glance:

Monday Night our family holds Family Home Evening. (Not sure if that link will work or not) But basically it's a time set aside for families to spend time together, and learning more about the gospel.  Our family looks forward to this every week.  It's one of the highlights of our week. 

Annual PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)  breakfast for Committee Chairs ( Remember?  I did the YEARBOOK!!)  So I get to go first thing in the morning on Tuesday and partake of the goodness the PTO is providing, (and they don't usually skimp)

Later that same night, if I am able to make it, will be the Recipe Group Exchange/Sampling.  This month the theme is sides.  (What??)  I don't usually deal with sides unless it's a huge get together somewhere, or Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas... get the point.  I'm lousy at fixing dinners with "all the courses".  A side to me happens to be a jar of bottled pears or peaches that I personally canned, or some kind of fruit.  So maybe I should go, and get some better ideas.  What do ya think?  Anyone else out there have good side dish recipes??  Please pass them my way.

Wednesday -- probably going out to visit some friends in my neighborhood with a program we call visiting teaching.  (If you are curious, and don't know what it is please just ask and I'd be happy to tell you) Hopefully Chris and I can make it out to play racquetball again.

Thursday  -- My visiting teachers will come over to my house around 10am, and then I'll take the boys to playgroup which is taking place at McDonald's play land at 1pm, and then I'll head to the Temple most likely later that evening when Chris is home from work.

Friday -- (I'm Thinking.....)   (I'm Thinking....)   Can't think of anything, or if there is something I completely forgot about it.      ---- wait, I think I remember... The Women's Expo. YES that's it, I'll go hang out around there sometime this weekend, not sure yet when.

Saturday -- Something was going on this day, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  (my birthday April 24)
I can't believe another year has gone by, my goodness. I swear the internal clocks completely speed up as you age. Which is ironic, because you move slower the older you get so you think time would SLOW down, but no, it just keeps on,  getting FASTER, and leaves little time to catch up before you are running behind again.

Speaking of which, I better get my behind to bed. (It's late here) And I'm not telling you how late, but it's later than I wanted it to be.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crossing my fingers..

Okay so call me LAME! 

(did you call me lame yet?)  go on get on with it already.

Feeling better yet??  Still curious why I'm crossing my fingers? 

Well, I want to win a book.  (because I'm a nerdy type who loves to read)

The author? 

Title of the book? 

Inquiring minds want to know. 


Tristi Pinkston's   Secret Sisters  --- that's right, I've never read anything by her yet, but this book is shouting loudly to my innermost regions and calling out "READ ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

And right now, I have a chance to win this book.  And you can to by visiting Michelle Ashman Belle's blog where she has interviewed Tristi.

Did I mention to, that I'm so glad that other people are so talented, that I can sit back and enjoy all their "hard" work??  

So go read the interview already, what are you waiting for?  Christmas?  Easter? Your birthday, (or maybe mine which is the 24th of April)? 

I even made it easy you just need to click on the link. 

Happy Friday Everyone!!

In the words of a radio station that I listen to frequently, " I HOPE I WIN THE CONTEST!"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glory Hallelujah !!!

Okay so I know I'm not the only one that has scored on the huge cereal deal going around.  But here is where I find that couponing is starting to pay off.  Now if I can get in on all the other "GREAT" deals that come around ....  

So to start off, I thought going to a local grocer to buy 5 boxes of Quaker Life Cereal and pay .98 cents a box after using an in ad coupon was a great deal.  And the one with buying 5 boxes of the 10 count Quaker Chewy Granola bars for the same deal after using the coupon. 

But last night, I realized that Smiths had the same thing on sale (almost minus the granola bars) but that if you bought the 5 boxes and then used that same coupon for $3.00 off.... guess what I paid only .40 cents a box for a 15 oz box of Life original and Life (cinnamon). 

So just today I went and stocked up on cereal at 40 cents a box... here are the totals. 
Trip 1 I bought 10 boxes of Life Original cereal and a 6 pack of Dove soap (which I had a .75 cents off coupon for) and then I bought a box of Wheat thins, and Nature Valley Granola bars ( I had coupons to get each of those things free)

Total before savings and coupons:  $45.90  after savings and coupons (Any guesses)  .... $ 8.89

Trip #2 :  I bought 20 boxes of Life cinnamon, and 5 boxes of Life regular.... 

Total:  Before savings ... $79.51 ... (Really like I'd go and spend that much just on cereal.)   So after coupons and savings for 25 total boxes I spent $10.76

Picture of all the cereal I bought just today.

So after all the cereal adventures.... I now have 40 boxes of Life cereal and no milk to go with it.  Better go get some milk.  So it's important when using coupons to find the best deal around, and go for it. (Assuming you have some funds to do so.) 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay I'm getting a little ambitious today, I want to get better at photography.  I'm just an amateur by ALL means, and only have a lousy point and shoot camera on the brink of self -elimination.  But until I get the better one I'm hoping for, this one will have to do. 

So I found this website, and want to enter the challenge.   Here's what I'm using. This was so delicious!! 
The theme for week 15 is I ♥ desserts.

Can you say YUM??

Sticky Note Tuesday...

I couldn't resist!!! I love doing sticky note Tuesday!!  You can see more by 
joining up with Supah..

And you can create your own sticky notes here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

When eating a chocolate chip cookie..... Think of me.

Can't go to wrong with chocolate chip cookies!! Especially, when you wake up to the livingroom being completely cleaned, and the boys room has stayed cleaned since FRIDAY.

Call me lame, but this is like a HUGE deal for me.  I used to keep my place spotless.  I had no problem having my dwelling stay neat. But add a few toddlers into the mix, that like to "pull" things from every location possible, and well within a huge time span of about 5 minutes or less, you have a huge mess on your hands.  And the endless efforts of going right behind them, and repicking everything up that you just put away is almost redundant. (HECK, I think it actually is.)

So I added a few more kids to the mix, and before they were to an age to really be of any great amount of help, I kept trying to be SUPER MOM.  But, my energy and efforts seemed almost in vain, to no avail.  So I guess you can say I almost kind of "GAVE UP" on trying to be SUPER MOM. The effort it took to be so, and the amount of energy to be one required way more than I seemed willing to give anymore, at that time.

I now have kids that are older, and all five kids help with the dishes (at least when I'm on my game) and now that I have the boy's bedroom cleaned up, it's been easy to stay on top of them tidying up the room every afternoon and evening.  And the livingroom is getting tidied up in the evening as well. 

I'm not supermom, but I'm starting to realize that it really is just outside my grasp. With a little more practice, I'm sure I'll be up to par again.  I have a huge issue called LAUNDRY.  But I have been getting rid of extra clothing, and donating to second hand stores.  And the more I give to them, the LESS I have to deal with. 

And when it's a Monday, and the kids have gone back to school after a week long spring break with no where to go, it was fun to be in the semi clean house, and feel somewhat at peace today.  And trying to get the kids going on homework, while also letting them have time to be kids while the daylight is out and get dinner on the table before bedtime,  can be almost a hard thing to juggle and balance. 

So I applaud those women who have it together.  And for each of them "IT" seems to be always different. 

I have my friend Christina who seems to be a great example of a Mother.  She's expecting her 8th child, has a set of twins, and five of her 7 kids are in school.  And she always seems to have activities going on for them, and places they go for family trips and such, and it probably helps that she has a great husband helping her with a great job too.  She is organized, and has goals, and ideals of what she wants her kids to be like as adults.  She is patient and loving, and really loves being with her kids.  There is a lot that I learn from her.  And she is also a budding photographer as well. 

I also have my friend Kanani who isn't a blogger, but she lives in my neighborhood, and she has 6 children, and never seems to "lose" her mind at all.  She's very thoughtful and caring of her family, and she also tries to help her friends and check on them as well.  She has lots of ideas on how to serve other people, and just because she has a baby, she doesn't let that slow her down.  She exercises, and takes her kids to places for soccer and such, and fullfills her role as a woman very well. 

Then there is Elisha.  She has three beautiful little girls.  I can totally relate to that part, since my first three were little girls, now they have grown up to be bigger girls.  But with Elisha, she enjoys the simple moments in her life.  She gets involved with the activities her children do.  She takes pictures of them, and has all sorts of creative talents.  She isn't afraid to try new things, and always goes on limb to help another out.  She's great at serving her little family, and showing how much others mean to her.  She never has anything negative to say about anyone.  She's always finding good things to say!! She also has a knack for wearing "grungy" clothes and making them look good. 

There is also Jennifer who is a neighbor, that I just adore!! We're both the mothers of five children, and have similar stories to share and feel relieved in the fact that we have someone else who understands where we are at, and have been and are headed.  She's not perfect, and neither am I, but she's headed in the right direction. She knows what her family lacks in and tries her best to get them what is needed, (speaking spiritually here) and she is amazing with what she has done over the last several years, with loosing weight and totally keeping it off.  She's determined, and consistent.  Traits I wish I were better at.  She has a system down with her kids for cleaning up, and putting things away...and I learn so much from her.

There is Stephanie, who is just starting her journey in motherhood as of three years ago, and already expecting number 3 in a few more weeks (May I think).  She's doing her best already to be SUPER MOM, trying to feed her kids healthy food, developing talents, going with her ideas, a good friend, and super great at living a good life.  She has so many great talents, and aspires to become better at them, and learn more as she goes.  She is great with her kids, and although I see her stuggle sometimes, I know what she's going through, since I've already been there,   but she seems to deal with it better.

These are just a few of the friends I have that I've learned a lot from recently, and I could go on and maybe some other time I will.  They aren't famous people, but they take their roles as women, wifes and mothers to heart and do their best.  Someday I hope to take all the things from these ladies and be just as great as they are. 

So after having a simple little lesson on families tonight for FHE (which stands for Family Home Evening) I started thinking about examples in my life, that I wanted to be more like. Thanks for your examples!! It means a lot to me.

So I think I'm at a starting point now, and will continue in this direction, but in the meantime, I'll go eat a few cookies and continue to read the second Fablehaven book.  (That is a good series by the way)  

** If you weren't mentioned, don't take it personally.  This post is already half the length of a novel.  Because there are several of you out there that I know, love and respect for how you handle your roles.  So give yourselves a pat on the back, and the next time you eat or see a chocolate chip cookie.... know I'm thinking of you.   I MEAN IT!!!

Music of the soul.... that makes the body want to move

Okay .... I finally added some music to this blog, because I LIKE IT!!!   Well, I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! 

I titled this collection of songs.. " A soundtrack for my life"  and some take me back to my high school years, stuff from college, and songs from my married life.   But more importantly, they all mean something to me.  If some of the lyrics are "bad" well don't hate me for that.  But realize I don't really pay attention to lyrics sometimes and it really is just the rhythm and  beat of the song that call out to me.  I loved and still do songs that I could dance to.  Not that I'm all that great, but it was a great way to get a good workout in, and while in high school I learned a few routines, that due to my lack of practicing, I've lost the steps to.  But I did learn individual "moves" and that help me to impress my roomies back in college who really thought I could dance.  Boy did I have them all fooled.

But in all seriousness, I love music with a great dance beat ( more the hip hop kind of stuff) and now be sure and take a look and listen at the playlist just below the post.  Maybe I can one day be brave like Cluttered Brain and show off some dance moves, or at least the wanna be dance moves .... but for now, I'll just rely on her to do such entertainment on camera for the whole world to see, and I'll just stick to Bustin a Move here in my house, for all my family to see and my kids to laugh at, and then join in, because they like the songs I listen to and think they are cool!!

Cause I'm HOT and HIP like that.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tag I'm it....

So I'm it again, this time I'm asked to post my 10th picture in my first picture folder.  Do I dare??  

Okay so this wasn't too bad... the first few folders were actually scanned pictures of my in laws stuff, so I didn't want to use anything there.  But this is from pictures sent to me from a teacher at the school that my kids go to, and this was from when they did their Chinese Dragon, for the Chinese New Year.  And luckily my number 3 daughter is in this one.   Her best friend is in it also.  Now to let you know who she is....

Going from the front of the picture to the back my daughter is the 2nd girl with a white shirt and blue skort, and her best friend is right in front of her, with a red shirt and blue pants. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

March 25th, 2010.... Girls Day Out

Okay so I know this is a little late getting on here, but please give me a break already!!

I had computer issues, but now that most of the issues have been worked out, I want to share with you
my girls day out pictures.

It was such a FUN DAY!!!  And so here my pictures begin.  Just remember I am a DORK, and I like to have my camera, which is just a lousy point and shoot at the moment,  with me ALL the time.  Because I like to REMEMBER my experiences through pictures. 

So on the "DAY" we met up at 7:45am in Provo, Utah and then 
headed up to Salt Lake area to meet up with one of Cluttered Brain's
other friends, who would meet us at the studio.  Yes, I said studio. 
We were going to a taping of "Good Things Utah" (and it was fun.)

We got there a little early and were just hanging out in the van waiting for
the other friend. So here I am with Steph.

 Random Picture ... of Cluttered Brain.

 So we're both dorky!!  We were taking pictures of
each other while taking a picture.

 Playing around with my camera and she just happens to be the 
SUBJECT.  And a gorgeous one at that!!! 

 Here is the SET.  It really was fun to see the way they operate 
for shows like this, it really was fascinating.

 (See here Alexes.... I told you I had a good one of you and Debbie)
So obviously this is Alexes with her friend Debbie.

 Trying to get a group shot, self portrait style...

  Okay and I'm a really big dork... I think the camera was running 
funky.  It took a while to finally take the picture, so I started to 
goof off, and then, of course, it decided to take the picture, when 
I put on the goofy face.

 A group picture of us with the Good Things Utah ladies.

And of course, we were thinking the same thing at the same time. 
We both ordered the same thing for dessert and both turned to get
our cameras out to take pictures of the scrumptious stuff. 
And now that it has been so long since I had it, I can't remember 
what it is called, but it was GOOD!! 

But this picture was taken because just then we realized what each other
was doing and then we both started laughing.

 And after a very fun time of visiting and being together, the day drew 
to a close. But it wouldn't be complete until I had taken a picture 
of the two of us together.

 These kinds of days don't happen often, but when they do, 
they are definately memorable. 

Thanks for a great day out ladies. And to my husband, Chris, thanks
for holding down the fort at home while I was away. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Crazy without you....

Dear Computer,

I don't like that you decided to take an unscheduled vacation.  A word of warning would have been great.

So please before you try and do something so bold again, I'd like it in writing that you are needing a break. 

You know I try and turn you off every night to let you have some down time, but if that isn't enough for you, well then you need to speak up.  You've never had a problem before letting me know you didn't like what I was doing, you know the incessant beep after beep.  Yeah, it does get annoying.

But I'm glad I noticed you "left" when you did, so that I could try and get my data saved before it was too late. 

The lesson has been learned, and too bad our relationship ended the way it did. But I think I'll get along greatly with your new replacement "part".   Maybe we can train the new one before it gets too late. 

I've come to really rely on you computer, and when you abuptly leave without warning, it can really rack my nerves and cause me stress that isn't necessary.  I think that you could have found a more tactful way to approach this time and milestone in your life, so please think about this while you are on your vacation.

Crazy without You.