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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Suprises concieved by my little brain.

It's Tuesday Wednesday and I'm in California !!! (I think I lost a day since I was in the car all day on Tuesday)    No I haven't moved here, but I was a little devious and planned a suprise visit to my parents place.  Where everyone around knew we were coming except for my mother.  We devised the plan in such a way that we were able to leave early the morning of the 29th of December, and amazingly enough arrive right around dinner time, and my Mom was completely surprised and had no clue that we were coming.  It also helped that I was able to call her while en route and claim that we were headed to a friends house later that night, and wouldn't be able to call her later so I wanted to do it then. 

Being the sneaky little devil that I am I crafted this little plan and it completely came together like bread on hot butter.  My mom was completely surprised and had no clue.  Her face was priceless and I can hardly wait until I get home and can download it, and find out how well/bad it turned out.  

Now you might not think that surprising someone for a birthday is a big deal, but when I live in Utah, and my Mom lives in California and the drive is around 10 -11 hours long.. and you don't get to see each other very often it makes  moments like these very sweet.  

And to top it off, we are going to take a trip tomorrow to visit with my Great Grandfather which happens to be my children's great great grandfather, and we'll have five generations there.  How awesome is that!!   We'll be getting an updated 5 generation picture.  And the cool thing on top of this, happens to be that we came on my Mom's birthday which was the 29th, and my Grandma's birthday is Jan 1st and she'll be turning 70!! And my Papa Jones (my great grandfather) will be turning 90 in 2010 !!! 

He's never had the chance to meet my two boys yet, and it's been even longer since I've been to his house, and we'll head there tomorrow. 

I love life and all the surprises that bounce my way. 

And it sure is great to get some time away from Utah, to get a change of scenery !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Just wishing you a Merry Christmas at this time of the year, and may your family be blessed, and be safe this Holiday season. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CHristmas Tag... What can I say...I'm a sucker for these.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? WRAPPING PAPER all the way!!! Unless the item isn't a good one to wrap, and then we improvise.

2. Real tree or Artificial? I love the smell of real trees, but couldn't hack spending the same amount of money on a tree ever year, so we have an artificial tree that won't die!! Bonus!!

3. When do you put up the tree? We try to set it up the weekend after Thanksgiving!! Always a fun time for our family.

4. When do you take the tree down? Well Usually by the 1st of the new year. (But this year it will have to wait until ... well I can't say it's a surprise....shhhhh)

5. Do you like eggnog? <<<<<>>>>

6. Favorite gift? Well I really enjoyed what Chris did for me last year. He supplied me with some cash to purchase tickets to go see Twilight, because I hadn't seen it yet. And there was enough money to grab a bite to eat before hand too. This was a girls night out with my sister in laws. Awesome ladies. Plus he had a nice bracelet waiting for me in the tree. I LOVE IT!!!

7. Hardest person to buy for? Chris. Yeah, sure he says he doesn't want anything, but if I have some money I can use on him, I try to use it. But everything he wants/needs are usually clothes, and he likes he stuff a "CERTAIN" way, so it's hard to surprise him with it.

8. Easiest person to buy for? The youngest kid. They are always so easy to please. (But it might be the age factor)

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Maybe the question to ask is how many do I own?? I have 12 right now, and I love to collect them. So every few years, I try and acquire a new nativity. I love them.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Well, of course, I mail them. But sometimes I forget a few people, or get surprised by someone sending me a card I wasn't expecting, and then if I can I send them a scanned version of what we sent out. And then add them to the list the next year.

11. Worst Christmas gift you've ever received? They have all been pretty practical, although there was a white elephant one time that consisted of one hot pad. Not really a big deal but this thing was half grey and BRIGHT orange. It was rather obnoxious. but like I said it was practical. But I don't think I have it anymore, I think I passed it on.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Oh my, I can't even narrow it down. That's what I want to do next week, is watch lots of Christmas Movies. I do really enjoy A Christmas Story.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? When I have the money. So usually end of NOvember or December. This year we started the day after Thanksgiving.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Call me lame but I love DEVILED EGGS!!! And the pies afterward!! Yummy stuff....this is making me slightly hungry.

16. Lights on the tree? Yes, and we switch off from colored to white. Chris prefers white, and I like multi. This year we have white lights. Because we hung the colored strand around the girls bedroom.

17. Favorite Christmas song? Angels we have hear on high. And Oh Holy Night.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? We usually stay home for Christmas, and just visit with close family later in the day, but still return home to our beds.

19.Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Well if they are all named in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer than HECK YEAH I know them.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? STAR. IT changes every year. Next year will be interesting to see what we put on the tree. Since we are going to do a HOME MADE Christmas Tree.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas Morning.

22.Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Everyone is TOO busy, to just hang out and spend time together.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? My ornament theme at the moment... anything that is Shatterproof. I have kids. And next year, we're going to do something a lot different. It'll be exciting getting everything ready for next year.

24. Favorite thing for Christmas dinner? Usually it's a tukey. But one turkey memory blends into another turkey memory, and soon all is forgotten, but one year, we didn't have money to buy the turkey so we just had lasagne and the kids LOVED it. And so did I!!

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? For my family to be HAPPY! And to spend time with those that mean a lot to me!! ALthough a LAZY BOY would be a great addition!! But that will have to wait for now. A new computer would be nice, a DSLR camera, A bigger house.... I could go on and on. But I know that these things won't happen this year, but it's always good to have goals to work towards. Right.

Wordless Wednesday!!!

Do I really need to say ANYTHING?? I'm tired!!! This happens on a daily basis.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't miss out on this....

What a crazy busy week it has been!!! I haven't gotten a lot accomplished on my "Christmas" projects, but I have had a lot of help, with getting the house cleaned up and some dejunking going on. YEAH for less CRAP!!!

I just wanted to share a movie/film that I watched last night.

Anyone ever hear of Fireproof.

Well it's a great video on the marriage relationship specifically, but a lot of the concepts could be applied to other relationships as well.

The story goes something like this: One boy, one girl .... but not all happy and bliss. He's the captain at the fire station and fights fires and rescues people for a living, and the number one thing he points out that a fireman " Never leaves his partner".

She's a working woman, feels unappreciated, and wants more help at home, would like him to fix things up, and lots more things...

She says she wants out.... and he says FINE!!

When he tells his parents that they are probably over, they step in and strive to help him save his marriage with something the dad was going to mail to him later.

It was the LOVE DARE, it's a 40 day process of trying to find out how to love another imperfect person unconditionally. And no it isn't easy and not always fun, but when you get married it's for life, and we should work through the tough times, and the good times.

So the whole love dare is a process, but it also helps him find his faith in God, and over time, starts to realize what love really is, and what it isn't or shouldn't be.

Through his attempts to try and do this dare, his heart isn't really in it during the beginning, and every attempt he made ... she shot back down, and even told him that she doesn't love him. All the while, she starts becoming "attached" to a DR. at work.

And in the end..... well I don't want to give it all away. But I feel completely blessed that I watched this!! I think everyone should find a way to get a copy of this and really work on cherishing your spouse, and loving them with your whole heart and not just going through the motions.

This isn't my normal thing to do... but I don't want to forget this brief moment in my life, because I want to make sure that I'm with my husband FOREVER!!! Times get rough, but that's when a couple needs to come together and withstand the fire that rages about. I don't have the perfect marriage, but my husband is definitely my best friend, and I know he LOVES me, I just need to make sure that I don't take advantage of that!!

Cherish your family members, because life is too short not too!! And it's always full of surprises, and sadness and joy. Don't live your life with regrets. (as far as family members are concerned)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry SITSmas to You....

Merry SITsmas to all you blogger people out there.... SITS is a place where lots and lots of bloggers have linked up and share and get comments on their blogs. It is seriously amazing!!! I love it. Even though I've only been aware of it for a few weeks now.

Well, here are some things I've been thinking about that I want to either work on next year or continue to do....

  1. I love the fact that I've stumbled upon vlogging!!! I love it!! It's a great way to feel like I'm getting "adult" time in while being kept here at home with two little boys. (Who I love very much by the way) So this next year I want to continue to vlog, and this will also be beneficial to my family in years to come. okay, maybe not. But I'm hoping so.

  2. I want to focus my energy on getting all the scrap booking finished for the last few years since I've gone to using a digital camera!! It shouldn't be too hard, if I'd just take the time to figure out the pages and events that need to be documented. I love to digi-scrap and love the stuff I've come up with so far. And want to continue to learn all I can in that area.

  3. I want to remember to be HAPPY! So many times, I find the slightest little thing and that causes me to be upset ALL day. NO MORE!! I just want to be HAPPY and part of that is going to help me try to overcome the tendency of yelling over stupid things towards my family members. (No I don't do this all day all the time, but some days it may seem like that) I know kind of depressing. But this is something that's important to me and going to be a real challenge!!

  4. I want to build the friendships I've got already, and make them stronger. Whether it's with family members or those in my neighborhood, or those I've recently met through blogging. I can learn so much from those around me, and look forward to getting to know each of you better.

  5. I want to get on a regular work out schedule once again. In college, I was working out on a regular basis and loved the way I felt. Had so much energy, and got plenty of sleep. (Oh yeah, the big difference between then and now, might be due to the fact that I now have 5 children to tend to, and no quick and easy or FREE access to work out facilities). But we're hoping to buy a membership to the rec center here, and the hubs and I will start "WORKING OUT!!" and shedding some pounds of FAT that have accumulated this last year.

Hope that you all have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever you might be celebrating at this time in your life!!!

I'm still working on my Christmas Cards for this year and don't want to let the cat out of the bag as to what they'll look like until I get them mailed next week.

I love how there is some RANDOM KID In the background.... and the hubs wasn't with us on this little outing so he isn't in the picture with us.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mingle Dec 7, 2009

Okay so once again it's time for MONDAY MINGLE!!! I'm linking up with 80 mph MOM and I LOVE DOING THIS!!! I think when I've got a collection of them, I'll just burn them to a CD or DVD or something. Pretty fun stuff!!!

Before the video though, I want to wish my friend LORIE a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We've been friends since we were kids and are still friends today!!! Love ya Lorie!!! Have a great day!!!

**Just ignore the "SCREAMING" babe you can hear... he's always doing that.*

And now I realize I put some pretty lame facts about me on the video so I'll just a list a few here too. I love to Digi scrap!!! I love to run bath water (with or without bubbles) and relax and read !!! I played basketball, volleyball and softball in high school, and for a little while I was also a cheerleader. But I really preferred playing basketball the most!!

So maybe this will make up for the LAME -O ones I used in the video.

Ta ta ...looks like snow.. and I'm off to get some Hot Cocoa because I love a nice large cup of that!!!

Have a great Monday!! (and rest of the week)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mounteenas of Laundrias and other such funny stuff..

For all you MOMS out there or WOMEN who do laundry ... Hillary Weeks puts a great spin on Laundry and Music. This was great!!!

Her Laundry Song Parody :

And here's her other one called "The To Do List". Crack me up funny!!!

Just wanted to pass on the fun!!! Enjoy!!

Serving time .... the KITCHEN.

Okay so I'm a HUGE DORK!!!

I just attempted to make brownies. And no, I didn't make them from scratch, so that's why I feel like an even bigger DORK!!! LOL......

Okay so the deal is.... I pulled down the box out of my pantry, and have been craving these delicious brownies for a while. So just now, and I mean JUST NOW, as in less then 2 minutes ago I have just entertained my husband, but he doesn't know it yet.

So you maybe wondering what the heck I'm talking about, well I'm glad I waited to post for today because this is just hilarious. Or maybe you'll think I'm just an IDIOT!!

But, you know how you follow the directions on the back of the box, well I added the 2 eggs, no problem there. I added the 1/2 cup of oil, no problem there. Well, when I went to add the water and started mixing it... I thought the batter was a little RUNNY, and that might just be an understatement!! I looked at the directions, and double checked the eggs, the oil, and then the WATER.

Oh. MY. GOSH!!!! The WATER!!!

I didn't just put 1/4 cup of water into it I added 1 cup on top of that for a total amount of 1 1/4 cups of water. Duh RETARD!!!

So the consistency seems to be that of cake, and maybe even a little bit more runny than that. OH FLIPPER SKINS!!! Well, I thought I could just add that many more boxes to make it right but HELLO that's like adding four more boxes of mix, which I DO HAVE. BUT I only want use them here and there and not to correct a huge mishap on my part. Like hello, go back to school and practice reading again. (Maybe this is more evidence that I need to wear my glasses MORE like ALL the TIME!!!)

I then started thinking what I could add to it so that it would be better, but hello trying to go from a box to a "homemade" version has got to be the hardest thing ever. So maybe I should just go throw some flour and more sugar into the mix, along with a little more oil ... ah heck who am I trying to KID!!?? So I'm going forward with the RUNNY BROWNIE BATTER and hope that the final version still tastes good.

Not to mention my mishap in the bath this morning. I was washing my hair and had just lathered up my head with the shampoo, all the while my brain and thoughts are off on a tangent somewhere in la la land. And then I open up the conditioner bottle and start rubbing it into my hair just as I realized I felt "slimy" hair. OH FLIPPER SKINS!!! I forgot to rinse the shampoo out before I did the conditioner step.

Luckily that was an easy fix, but maybe today is the day I should have just remained in my bed. Reading a book!!!

So I swear, if I ever have this happen again ... I'm going to scream somewhere in the "MOUNTAINS" where no one will hear me, and won't think something bad is happening. But wait, I forget that I'm screaming because it was something bad, but not the kind that makes you ... never mind... I think I'm having bouts of adult A.D.D. setting in. (I need to find that song again, it's FUNNY!!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I don't usually write a letter to you, or at least I haven't for several years now. But I decided that I wanted to change that this year and just let you know how the year has gone.

As you know we've got 5 rambunctious, full of ideas, who won't be quiet when I want them to, but will come and give random hugs, and say I love you, --kids that live here and call us Mom and Dad. They are really working hard these days, and have really been good at doing dishes lately. It's so nice, less that I have to do!! So feel free to indulge in their favorite wishes, but only if you have time, because I know you are quite busy.

I also have a few wishlist items right now too!! For one I would like to have a BIGGER HOUSE!! Of course, there aren't too many bigger houses that we could afford the payment on so that's why we still LIVE here in our little house. But that's okay, because at least we can be cozy!!

So if I can't have the bigger house, I would settle for a new computer!! But even with that, we can't afford it outright either! So maybe I could go for a DSLR Camera, please!!?? Oh yeah, that one will cost a lot of $$ too!!! (Maybe in a few years, I'll have enough saved up) So if I can't have any of these things, because you have a "tight" budget too, then maybe we can go for a LAZY BOY rocker/recliner!! We have room for one in the living room now!! Well, seriously if that's still too much, I could settle for CHOCOLATE!!! Especially Reece's Peanut Butter cups -- the miniatures, and then I wouldn't mind getting boxes of peanut butter TWIX's. I love those things!!

And if I haven't been good enough to get even that, well then I'd be happy if I can spend Christmas with my family, and share in the laughter and love that we have for one another. I would also like "WORLD PEACE" ---**( can you tell me where that line is from?)

My husband has been a huge help the last few weeks, yeah, I know it took a while, but he's doing great and he works hard and amazingly enough we survived this year living on reduced pay. We had just enough to pay the bills, and somehow managed to get some food. Not our favorites but we did have food!! So for Christmas I'd like for you to supply him with some new clothes for work seeing how he spends most of his time there, and it's been a couple years since we've gotten him shirts. He'd also like to get a membership to the rec center. (I'd like that too!!) And could you please make sure that we have some grubbin food ready to eat so that I don't have to stress over it all day. (stress and I really don't go well together!)

My children have actually expressed some interest in some kind of gaming system!! They feel so left out that we don't have anything like that and all their cousins do. (Well mostly all of them do). But I'd just settle for a MIRACLE of having them clean their room!! See what you could do about that one!! I could use some help in that area.

I have lots of friends across the country and even the world, and if you could please make sure that they are watched over and have a good Christmas too that would be great!!

I'd also like an extra helping of ENERGY!! Some days... well it's all I can do to just stay awake!!

And if you could seriously work another miracle and get the 2 year old to sleep through the night and not run to my room, I'd seriously like that!! And while you are at it, a new mattress in the bedroom would be great too!!

Well, you know all the specs, on the kids being good or not, but they really are good kids!! See if you can help them out.

And as always, be sure to stop and get your snack, and there'll be snacks for the reindeer too. So if you have a request, now's the time to put it in!! You got my digits.

Make sure to rest up, because Christmas is coming up fast. And be sure to use the "hidden" key we told you about, so that you can still get in the house, seeing how we don't have fireplace for easier access. I'll do my best to make sure the kids are in bed EARLY that night, and for some reason it seems to be the only night that they ever do EXACTLY what I say. Why is that??

Well, take care Santa and tell the Mrs. I said Hi, and
wish you both a Merry Christmas too!!
If you want to play along visit MamaKat's blog, there were a few writing prompts to choose from.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blog Roll

Okay so I'm making a post for all you wonderful readers to leave me your blog addresses, or if you have a button... make a note of that.. and then I'll start listing all the blogs I like to follow, and the ones that would like me to follow them.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stick 'em Up Tuesday

I just posted a bunch of these post its to Cream of the Crop, but found these others that were intended for last week before Thanksgiving and didn't get around to it. So I'm sharing them now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A bit of a Rant...

Whew, thank goodness Thanksgiving is over!! And that Black FRIDAY has come and gone!! Seriously I don't know why some people just absolutely LOVE that day!! I did the shopping years ago, and then I haven't gone the last several years.
Well this year I decided to go, since A) I had money this year, and B) there were some things I found on ad that I really WANTED, not really NEEDED ... so I wonder how many other people really NEED these things, and how many of them just WANT them. Well I have come to the conclusion that just about everybody doesn't NEED a BIG FLAT SCREEN TV!! And everybody probably doesn't need all those STAR WARS TOYS, or the Barbies... and on and on.....
I realize that this is all because of WANT. So now what I don't understand is if this is just stuff people want and don't need, how come they still ENJOY this crazy madhouse day of shopping? I can see the benefit on both sides... the consumer wants to save money on items, and unfortunately has to do it on THIS exact day just to save that much money. But on the other hand some people enjoy waiting in lines freezing off their keisters (is that even how you spell it?_ ... just to get that one or two items that they went in for!! Insanity I tell you.
Although I am glad that I didn't have my kids with me, but I would really have enjoyed a friend to come along with me... I'll have to see what I can work out for next year. ** wait a minute did I just insinuate that I'll do this again next year?? ** uh oh... better get MAYCO!!!
I just can't understand how these people can act like complete hoodlums... pushing and shoving just to grab a $3.00 pair of PJ's at Walmart... what the heck??? It's like everyone forgets their manners, and have been completely hypnotized just by walking inside the walls of these stores. And the Walmart I visited (and no I didn't attempt to look for the PJ's although they were on my list!!) back by electronics it was a parking lot!! I swear there has to be some kind of violation of the fire code to have that many people with NO WHERE to go!! And according to the news I listened to.. the crowds were bigger this year then last... and stores only have "so much" of any given ad item for grabs... seriously they should stock pile those things, and clear the store of everything else except those for Black Friday. I'm just saying.
It'd be lots easier to stock the store full of those things that EVERYBODY wants to have. I heard of a two "Grandma" aged women pushing their carts that were stock piled with the PJ's that I just wanted to get five of to fit my kids... but NO... they had to go and take like EVERYTHING.. for all their grand kids, and their friends... like it would be some big SLUMBER Party PJ giveaway or something.
And the amount of ladies that I saw who actually woke up that early and put the makeup on just shocked me... I woke up after actually sleeping in the clothes I wanted to wear (because lets face it one less step to do to leave) and pulled my hair back into a pony tail and who cares what my face looked like or didn't.
I was just slightly annoyed, because I didn't get everything I wrote down on my list... :( but the few things I did manage to grab, almost makes me feel like the crazy ridiculous hours were almost worth it. But there again "ALMOST" only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, or so I've been told. But I was happy when I got home, and even happier after I got to sleep away the afternoon in a QUIET house. That was a great nap!!! Thanks honey!!
A bit of a rant ... but oh well. It made me slightly more insane that day. Whew glad it's over!!
So what I want to know ... why do people LOVE this CHAOS and CRAZINESS?? Am I missing something??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tis sweet Love....

I just have to say how much I love my husband tonight!!
So let me back up... the other night he totally ate the last of my Chocolate stash. Bad, bad thing to do. Period.
Tonight, (yes I had to wait until tonight to buy my holiday food because we got paid today) but we were all together at the grocery store to buy the food that we need for tomorrow, and out of the blue he asks if I want to buy a ham in addition to the turkey we already have. This may sound weird to you, because you might already do a ham for Thanksgiving, but since we've been married it's always been just a turkey. But my dear sweet husband remembered me telling him that what I really missed about having Thanksgiving with my family is having Ham and turkey both!!
So guess what, we are now going to have ham AND turkey for dinner tomorrow!! Life is good. I'm glad he pays attention to some things that I say, and really tries to come through and make me happy. I'm so blessed to have him in my life!!!
I guess this somewhat redeems him from eating all the chocolate, especially since now, I've stocked up on brownie mix since I saw them for 88 cents a box. So I have plenty of "chocolate" for a while, and a love that will last forever!!!! (no not a love of Chocolate, but the love I have form my dear sweet hubby)
Gosh, what did you think I was tlaking about. My goodness.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My life described in Six words....

From a MEME that my friend Alexes used on her blog over at One Cluttered Brain.

Here are my six words:

Agghhh, I don't have any Chocolate!!!

The story:

Well now that would be more than six words wouldn't it? But who cares it's my blog, and I'll do what I want.

We started to watch a movie with our kids, and I had grabbed six miniature packages of M&M's that were left over from Halloween clearance shopping. But I had reserved three back in the bedroom. I mentioned to the hubs, that there were three in the bedroom. And later when I went in there to retrieve one, just 1 of the packages, I find out that he ATE ALL THREE!!!

WHAT?? Excuse me, did I just hear you correctly?

Yeah, he did, ate all three. He thought I told him he could consume all three!!! HELLO!! No!! Think again!!

So now, I need to remedy this chocolate fix of a fix I'm in.

Note to self : when I mention that I have any Stash of anything left, don't let him know how much is available, he might just gobble it all up!! Aw, the nerve of that MAN!!! My goodness. What am I ever to do, now that I don't have my chocolate??

But I guess I still love you, even if you eat all my chocolate!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh sweet day!!!

Before I completely forget my thoughts tonight, I need to put them somewhere where I won't misplace them. For over a year now, my youngest child started climbing out of the crib, and pack and plays so we placed him in a twin size bed. Only he'd never stay in the bed and go to sleep like happy, good little boys do. He'd come right out of the room, and start playing again, and then I'd pick him up and take him right back to his room, and hope that he'd finally stay put. Some nights I'd even just hold the door closed until he cried so hard that he made himself tired and fell asleep that way.

Yes, I did feel awful, but what else was I to do. Isn't it my job to teach this child how to go to sleep and that it's important to do so in HIS bed?? Well, I didn't have a parenting manual for this child, but with the hind sight looking back I think I could write one, but the only problem would be ... that it might not work for another living soul again. That, of course, would be my luck.

For months I've been going crazy because this little guy wouldn't go to sleep at an early hour, and would be approaching 11 or 12 at night before he'd hunker down and sleep for the night, and I'd usually just leave him where he crashed because I didn't want to wake him up. Do you blame me? I hope not. So I've been thinking that something has to change, there has to be a way to get him to learn to sleep in his bed. Well, something is working now, and I don't quite know what to give credit too!!! But I'm thankful anyway!!!

Now I just need to get back in the productive habit after the kids go to bed. And finish up the kitchen, and fold that last load of laundry before I go to bed. But as it stands tonight, there are a lot of dishes to do, and about 5 loads of laundry to be folded in the morning. I'm pretty happy with myself, for the most part because I've been trying to keep the laundry folded everyday and not have to move it from room to room. But yesterday I didn't fold any loads up, and I didn't fold any up today, but I've washed and dried a few loads. Which means that if I don't fold tomorrow for sure, I'll be swimming in clothes pool again. Something I promised myself a few weeks ago, that I wouldn't do ever again.

But seeing how I haven't been able to "tidy" up the house my way for the last year, it's gone undone most of this time. And just got postponed until the next day. But now I'm hopeful that I can start sending my 2 year old to bed, along with the other kids, and feel like I can be a little extra productive without the whining kids at my feet, or pulling on my legs, or all the other hundreds of demands placed on the mother who tries her all to make them happy and love them all the time without trying to entertain the thoughts of "I'm gonna kill you!!!" after the 10th time of dumping out the trains, or pulling the movies off the shelf, or spilling the juice/milk whatever all over the freshly mopped floor. Or dumping the brand new bag of cereal all over the carpet, and taking lipstick to your white EGYPTIAN cotton sheets that you love with the color RED!! Cause you know that those thoughts and moments certainly do come. For some it happens more then others and for the others, it still happens. If you don't have those moments well either you are PERFECT, or you have PERFECT children or better yet you both are PERFECT. Send us your info on how you do it please.

Just when I felt like I was trying to paddle upstream without any paddles, I've all the sudden found a paddle and think I can now start making some headway in the way I want to be as a "normal" mom.
Although I'm still trying to define what exactly that is... so if anyone has any good ideas on what the "COOL, fun, NORMAL mom" is please share with me your ideas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wandering Minds want to know...

This darn daylight savings time!!! I hate it!! Even though, I know I get an "extra" hour this time of year. It certainly doesn't feel like it!! I was ready to put my little ones to bed about 15 minutes ago, and then realized that it wasn't 7:30pm but rather 6:30pm!! Geesh... whoever thought of this didn't take into account that it would really screw up moms!!!

Okay maybe it's just me!! But maybe they'll fall asleep sooner because it's dark already and they seem to need a few hours of dark time before they want to fall asleep. Well we will see how tonight goes, and what happens in the morning. (Monday + Morning + ????? = Who knows??)

We trick or treated last night, and bonus for us, we did it without a stroller for the first time in years!!! YEAH!!! So much easier, and faster to not worry about a toddler in the stroller. Luckily my 2 and half year old thinks he's just as old and big as his brother and sisters and walked the whole time. Mostly.

But there is one thing that I have come to HATE about Halloween, well there really is more, but I just want to talk about this one. It's the older kids that act like they are the only kids that matter and exist and crowd you on a porch, and won't be kind enough to MOVE out of the WAY for us to get down. You say EXCUSE US!!! and it's like they don't understand what that means. I guess next time I should just be RUDE AND MEAN and yell, get out of the way now!! LET US DOWN!!!

But I have a feeling, just a feeling, that that might not be the best way to solve the problem. So I don't know if this is due to a parental failure or just plain idiocy of the child. And the other thing, (same group of kids) we were walking to the next house in the neighborhood, and they saw my younger kids approaching the house, and they sprinted to the door, and nearly made my kids fall down. HOW RUDE!!! I know that my children aren't like this, even if I'm not around them. So it just makes me wonder why these kids act like this???

And they aren't even kids that live in the area, or at least ones that I know. So I can't go and talk to the parents and let them know how they are behaving. CRAZY KIDS!!!

Does this kind of behavior get experienced anywhere else, or am I just easily annoyed??

My wandering mind wants to know??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You would CRY too if it happened to YOU!!!

Okay seriously,

Can it get any worse? Well, shh but I think it can but we won't go there right now!

Mind you the word sickness and things associated are described in this post. Read at your own risk!! But pick up reading again after the other set of stars, that part isn't bad.

I've been dealing with sickness in my home for about 2 weeks almost. Everything from Strep to a flu, and random "spewing from the head", to the lingering cough, to headaches, to mommy not getting enough sleep so she wakes up with a killer headache in the morning, and is starting off on a bad note. Sucks to be my family. Oh wait!! Sucks to be me, because I don't like to be this way, sometimes it just happens and the natural tendency is to be "Loud and Mean".

My oldest daughter was feeling fine today, sent her and the second daughter to school today, because they were both feeling fine over the last few days, and now I feel like a "Stupid" mom. The second daughter came home and started acting "sick" again. AGHH!!!! And I just had her at school around all those other kids... ohhhh what is a Mom to do these days!!!/???

She was also running a low grade fever after dinner tonight. BLAH!!!

So I head out for a little much needed break tonight and visited with some women in the ward, while discussing life scenarios, and the possible sewing projects that we'll work on in the near future. It was a great break!!! Thanks Ladies. BUT....

When I got home, little lady, my youngest, had randomly thrown up. Although, I kept her home from school today because she wasn't feeling good this morning. And I had a mess to clean up in the bathroom because apparently she doesn't have great aim. All I have to say is my shower curtain is coming down tomorrow and going straight to the washing machine in HOT water. She's the second one to tag it in a two day period. AGHH!!! (I hate cleaning up BARF!! -- the worst thing besides the smell, and nastiness of it.... I don't even get a bonus for cleaning it up, and I'm fighting off the gag reflex while I do so)

Then when I asked after reading scriptures tonight to have everyone get to bed, my oldest daughter randomly threw up... and she's like 10 and half and completely got it all over the floor in the bathroom area (half of it was carpet, and half was a linoleum type of floor. ** No problemo there, she volunteered to clean up the mess if I showed her what to use. Hallelujah!!

A little while later like within 20 minutes or less she came running back towards the bathroom, and aimed straight for the sink. EW!!!! GROSS!!!! (we left the lights off!!) I immediately started burning a candle because well, I like smelling pretty things like candles!! (* She didn't clean up that mess :( )


So after an excruciating time of cleaning out our only bathroom sink, and using like a whole container of sanitizing wipes, I finally got it cleaned. YES, it was that BAD!! Or worse!!

Aren't you glad I'm not posting pictures. Lol.

And after dealing with sickness and whining children, and those that don't feel well, and the constant coughing, and the waking during the night, and the keeping them home from school and worrying what the school will say.... I'm getting to a breaking point of wanting to CRY!!!

CRY!!! Sometimes, it is the one single action that can make everything bad seem a little better. I always need a good cry now and then. My husband is okay with as long as I'm not doing it around him. *Which stinks because then no one is around to listen to me, and give me the hug I need and want or the listening ear, or the encouraging phrases to help me get over this bout of Sadness that I happen to be in. I guess it's just one of those emotional traps of being a woman sometimes.

I'm trying to stay upbeat about all this, but sometimes just the weight of the world and other circumstances that we have to deal with on top of everyone being sick (EXCEPT MOM, by the way I'm knocking on wood and crossing my fingers) it sometimes seems to be a bit much for me to handle without getting a little down in the dumps about it.

Oh I know I'm not the only one that this happens to, but at least I'm documenting this moment, because I know in my future that one of my children will read it when they are in a time of need, and it will mean something to them and help them. Yes, I've been praying, reading scriptures and doing all the things I should, but I've reached the limit I think I can handle.

For this reason I sometimes wish my family lived close by so I could go and chat with them, and they won't "push" me away. Because sometimes, even though, I have a lot of children and other people around me, I often feel all alone. And I hate that every time, I pray for a friend to come around for me to really connect with, it always is short term. But at least the friendship will go on. (You know who you are -- there are a few of you).

And the more that I get this out of my system the more I feel I can handle the next day. Because I've made more room to take on the situations that come. Oh my patience, is wearing thin, and the sleep, well I could use more.

This is just one of those "many" times, that is causing me to become slightly frustrated. And a symbol to those who ask me how I do it... well the simple truth is I don't!!! I have bad days, and a lot of them in between the few good ones that come along. And I find this very therapeutic.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have you seen my car??

Okay so I know that we've all done this.

What -- is what you may be asking to the screen
while you are reading this. Right?

That's what I thought.

But to answer your question ....
it has to do with being in a parking lot ANYWHERE,

And being the one IDIOT person that has forgotten
where you parked your car.

Translation being: YOU LOST YOUR CAR!!!

If you are laughing you know you're guilty of this.

Well, the other day I went shopping, and luckily without my children.
I happened to frequent a certain major retail store, and on my way out
I noticed this older gentleman pushing his basket and looking a little lost.

So I tried to be discreet in my moments of STARING at him trying to
see what his next move would be. Well he stopped walking a few cars down from
where I parked, and he looked around in confusion. Like he couldn't remember where
he left his car.
He lost it!!

So he looks off in a few different directions, and then suddenly looks off to his left as if
he spotted where he lost his car.
Only to find him walking back up towards me a few minutes

Because it took me that long to unload my shopping cart. I was going slow on purpose
because these moments without kids don't last long, and don't happen very often.

It was my

But back to this guy!!! He comes walking back in my
direction with his shopping cart still full,
and looked even more lost then before.
I didn't stay around to watch the rest of this play out,
but I can only imagine that his next step was to retrace his steps...
to see if he could remember
where he parked the darn thing.
My point: Well, for one most parking lots offer the little numbered
post at the end closest to the
building so that hopefully this can be prevented.
Only how many people ever pay ATTENTION
to those sign posts? I know I don't . Until the next time,
I LOSE MY CAR, and then I notice it after that.
But my biggest tip and pointer on trying to overcome the
if it's a store you frequent just try parking in the same "general location"
everytime. And if you park in the same general location, you'll always use the same
entrance/exit doors (unless they have them closed for some reason and at the point just pray
you don't lose your car). If it's a store you don't go to but once in a while --
seriously find a land mark and make a mental note of it...
so you aren't being someone's entertainment while they are
unloading their cart.

** This in no way says that this incident only happens to older men,
this just happens to be the one I used to tell my story.
Oh yeah, and how can I forget about telling you my favorite signs that some
one has lost their car!!!
When they come out of the store they look as if they
have never seen this sight before.
As they are walking down the isle in the parking lot, you
hear random "car locking" going on, in hopes of them
knowing where they lost their car at. Because of two
things a) they'll see the lights go on and off and b) they'll
hear the horn too. That has got to be my favorite. Not to
mention they all start "REJOICING" "Oh there it is!!"
And of course, when you just happen to be overhearing
people say ... where did we park? I thought we
were over there, and someone else says the opposite
And when you have a family full of children that seem to run
off in all directions because they think they are right
in where the family car was left, and was promised
a treat to the first person that remembers. (Okay
so I have never heard of this one happening but can't
you just see it happening?)
I find myself often watching people.. and sometimes that is how I
find a way to relax. Knowing there are others out there that
do the same "STUPID" stuff I do. But at least when it's them,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oink, Oink said the daddy...

Seriously nothing can make a woman go more crazy then dealing with sickies all weekend long and then discover that Monday morning the love of her life decides that he doesn't want to go to work and calls in sick. So he decided to do a few things on his day off that he's been wanting to get around to for quite a while but because of having to go to work, he can't accomplish. Still had the boys here for the day, and them up to their wild rambunctious-ness in between Little Man's fever spiking. Not sure if it's strep yet, so I'm just going to watch him for a day or so.

And T-man was one of the confirmed cases of strep as of Friday night, and then on top of that he decided he was a really tough guy and took on the flu head to head. Or so I'm supposing. He kept claiming that he was not able to move, and needed help just to sit up, and he laid on our living room floor all day and then didn't want to even take a break from it, and did the same thing all night. The little creature got quite demanding on his sick floor bed, and said how I needed to clean this or that up, and that the girls couldn't play outside, and they needed to come in. And every time he said he was hungry and asked for something, I brought it into him, and he hardly touched it. Because remember, he was still being tough. And tough he was. Until Monday morning came around and he all the sudden sprang up and got up and ran around the house. Guess he was done playing tough guy. Sent the girls to school, but now realize I should have just kept them home. But they did seem fine this morning, and call me a bad mommy if you want but I didn't even enforce the doing of the daily ritual that some schools deem a necessary evil. (aka homework). I sent everyone to bed EARLY like at 7:30pm because so many were complaining of aches and pains, and sore throats and all sorts of ailments. They even acted tired, and I think this is the first time in months that they have all fallen asleep ... did you hear me... I said ASLEEP before 9:30 at night.

Kind of a breather for me except when I said, the love of some woman's life called in sick to work today? Well, it is true, and he is the love of my life. It wasn't a pleasant day off, by any means. After a trip to the doctor's office, we now have a 99% sure diagnosis of him having the swine flu. He has major body aches, and a cough that is annoying, going back and forth from chills to sweats, and ibuprofen isn't attacking the fever at all. In fact, we took his temperature around 8:45 this morning and it was 101.3 and about 10:30 we had it checked again and it had climbed to 103. So now the love of my life is taking on the roll of being the tough guy. He did, however, get to lay at home on a weekday and watch TV as much or as little as he wanted to.

You know what bugs me the most?? That I know eventually, I'll get sick as a dog, and no one will be home to help nurse me through it. The girls would have to be at school, and I'd still have boys here that I have to take care of, and Chris would be off at work, and I'd still be at home trying to do it all still.

I know a bit of a selfish thought, right now, but is it really a selfish thought, when I'm going through that moment wishing HE could call in and say he has to take care of the Love of his life because she's very badly sick, and just a little while ago, she nursed me back to health, and now it is only fair that I return her the act of love that she showed forth to me.

..... Keep Dreaming Lady!!! Reality Bites sometimes. And this weekend is one of those moments, because I really hate seeing my family sick. (But I'm not sure what I hate more, seeing them sick or having to deal with them and all the complaining and whining and so on) Chocolate anyone? Ice Cream?

So far I'm lucky, and don't have any symptoms and hopefully I'll get through this unscathed. Although I'm afraid the girls aren't going to fare so lucky. Kaylee already is running a fever and she's been on antibiotics since Thursday morning. So I'm thinking she's coming down with a visit from some pigs pretty soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can feel the love ... tonight.

You know it's got to be heaven sent when everything just works out. So earlier today I was just saying how I really needed to find a babysitter, because I NEED a date with my husband. Then not much later when I was back at home I got a phone call from a friend saying that she had extra tickets to a dinner theatre place, and wanted to know if we could find a sitter and wanted to go. I of course, got instantly excited!! But I can't make such a decision without my husband, because , what if he didn't like this sort of thing. Or worse, what if he doesn't like the people that were offering the tickets? hmmm...

Luckily I knew that he was fine with seeing plays and such and secondly I knew he's good friends with these people too. So the problem and only hesitation being a babysitter for our five little people. Seriously who really wants to be with 5 kids for about 5 hours on such short notice? Well, I proceeded to call a few of my friends that don't have kids yet that would be able to come over and watch the kids on Saturday.

Called the first few ... just got voice mail. So I left messages, and still haven't heard back from them. But I called the 4th person and finally got someone home that answered. And she and her husband were more than delighted to help us out. And the other great thing is, they used to be my 7 year old's primary teachers at church, and they loved her and she really loved them. So apparently I've felt some of those blessing coming from the Lord when all else around us seems to be difficult to deal with and hard to know what to do.

This will be just the kind of night that I need. Because this other couple are just hilarious to be around. I'm glad that we have people like this in our lives, and for whatever reason that they thought of us to invite, because they had a few extra tickets. Thanks guys.

Days like today when it just starts out with a bang of a headache sure make me feel better knowing that someone is looking out and thinking about us. And thankfully the headache dissipated throughout the day. So now it's time to make sure that the house is cleaned for the sitters, so it's easier for them to watch the kids.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Button Pushing...

As I was having a conversation with my sister in law today... I got to thinking about something I could post on her. And basically it was the conversation we were having. Or rather the "lecture" or "talk" I was giving... I think I was talking way too much.. but what can I say -- I love to talk, but not only talk but to talk with an ADULT. You know those bigger kids that are over the age of talking like babies, and whining for everything they want. The kind of people that you can relate stories to, and get feedback from.

Well basically I had this to express...

I've realized lately that my husband and I are such a great match for each other. We were one of those "quick" couples. And by that I mean, we didn't date terribly long before we realized that we would get married. Heck from the time we first kissed until we were married... (get ready for this. Are you sitting down?) 100 days. That's it!!

Now some days I think..... 'WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!' and other days I'm saying...
"WE'RE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!! I Love YOU SO MUCH!!" and then there are the " I can't live with you/ can't live without you feeling that seems to happen simultaneously. You know the bittersweet scenario.

But more and more, I'm realizing how perfectly matched we are. Because he seriously balances me when I'm loud and crazy. Balances me because he's probably not loud and usually isn't AS crazy as I am. When I'm upset and getting short with the little people, he tends to jump in and take over getting them ready for bed, while I get to go "relax" and "chill out" or basically " go have a MOMMY timeout" . And the same happens in reverse .. when he's upset with the kids or they seem to be agitating him more easily then me, I'll just take over the reins and herd them off to their beds for some much needed quiet time FOR US.

So not only do we work well as a pair that way, but he also knows how to push my buttons. And he knows exactly what buttons I have that get me going pretty sour pretty quickly. He knows this about me. And why shouldn't he? We've been married now for 11 years, so I think that is reason enough that he would know I have "BUTTONS". The problem doesn't lie with the fact that he knows about them, but that he PUSHES them. Oh, and he's good. He likes to tease, and torment, and thinks he's communicating a whole lot of LOVE my way. Hello?? I think we're speaking different languages here. I'm not getting a whole lot of LOVE out of all the "button" pushing. More like getting pretty UPSET and even ANGRY -- depending on my level of "endorphins" (aka the happy drug, well not really a drug you take, but one that is released when you laugh, and exercise and helps you feel better) at the time of onset.

And over the years, I've been trying to figure out what buttons he has... and well, to tell you the truth there aren't very many if at all. But there is one button I wish that he did have, and I'd engage it EVERY NIGHT, or every time he fell asleep. What button is that? Well, my TV comes with one, and the computer can be manipulated to do the same thing, and my kids NEED one too. Any Ideas???

I wish I could push the MUTE button. Let's see how you like that... husband. Ha.

But even as I'm writing this he probably wishes that I was programed with one of those buttons too. Well this might not be coming out vocally but the message is being heard loud and far. (Or at least I hope so)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remodeling Projects....

So I've decided to get off of my not very active rear end, that seems to have gotten flabbier and flabbier with the growing and carrying and the the births of my five children, and try to do some "remodeling". The remodeling project mainly consists of daily walking. And I'm not talking your slow paced-casual-I'm not in a hurry-and I'm not going anywhere kind of walk. I'm talking about the get your run/walk shoes on, and your getting your arms into the swinging motion, lifting your legs one after the other, focused on one direction and that is what is right in front of you, who cares who sees you on the sidewalk, who cares if it starts to sprinkle (or worse case scenarios, it DUMPS), but your butt muscles are tightening and releasing, you breathe in and out and you get the heart rate up and going, and burn, burn, burn those calories off as you get your metabolism (what is responsible for you burning calories) going. Well it really is good for the heart too. Keeps your heart in good shape -- so I hear, now it's time to "experiment upon the word".

This remodel will cover probably hundreds of miles, and in the meantime, strength training to tone and tighten the other areas of my body, like the droopy, saggy, jiggly arms (COME ON YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THEM TOO, or at one point you did) called the triceps. The group of muscles on the back side of your upper arm, for those that don't know their anatomy or anyone elses for that matter. Especially if all you call it is "the back of my arm". Those seem to be the muscles that are the hardest for me to keep in tact. Well, actually they are in tact, thanks to my epidermis (aka SKIN) layer holding them in place. But despite having five vibrant, healthy trials children, they seem to be the set that gets lost and takes awhile to send the search party out to find out what happened to them. And seem to be the most stubborn in returning back to home base. Darn Triceps - not to be confused with TRYceratops.

Other trouble areas include, my abs (major MOMMY gut going on you know the one that looks like your ETERNALLY EXPECTING A KID, but you aren't. And your kids like to tease you relentlessly that you look like your having a baby, and come up and kiss your belly and say I can't wait to meet you baby. Oh, am I the only one with kids that weird? ) My Glutes (My BUTT, that's what your rear is called as well. At least the muscles hiding under that epidermis layer) And I tend to think of my rear as having "layers" as Shrek says in the movie, that "Ogres are like onions, we all have layers" --- okay so I probably messed that up, because I somehow lost the "script" to the movie in the mess that has been created by last years hurricanes that ran through my house, and seems to hit my piles of papers, and clothes and throws them EVERYWHERE. Sorry I'll really try and find the script so that I can correctly quote that next time. What? I don't have a script you say? Hmmm... You know what I think you might be onto something with that. Matter of fact, You are. I don't have the script. But I am too lazy to go and GOOGLE, (since that's what everyone is now doing with the internet) movie lines from movies. There might be a site, but really I don't care at the moment. You get my point though about the layers, right? My rear is like a layer an onion. But not in the way that you might be thinking. If you've ever had the opportunity of working with onions, you'll notice that most are pretty PLUMP, ROUND, and CHUNKY. But as you peel away the layers, and sometimes it's a lot of "work" because you have to keep dabbing your eyes because of the tears which are caused by PAIN from the onion. Well, so is the rear end. How? Simple.

The rear end can be one or all of the following (and in rare "rear" occasions you might just have the perfect one so this doesn't apply to you) PLUMP, ROUND, and CHUNKY. Well, you have to W.O.R.K those glutes in order to shape up the rear. You call an early end to it's vacation and tell it to get back to work right away. Well, as you work the muscles using weights you tighten and firm, which in essence is peeling away the layers of your butt, from the plumpy, round and chunky version to the now lean, slim and sexy (ier) rear end. It really is quite satisfying to see the hard work pay off.

But I also have a few other "trouble" spots. I mentioned, my Mommy gut, my butt, and just plain kickstarting my metabolism. But I also have a trouble area with my "free throw". So my goal there is to spend hours upon hours practicing the techniques and finally making all the "free throws" I want. Now, I didn't say that I was talking about basketball, did I? Because this could actually mean anything from throwing a baseball, to a football, a frisbe, and maybe a kid or two into a body of water, or a newspaper, or a wad of clothes, because let's face it, I don't get paid to do those things so they are all technically called "free throws" right?

Well, that's about it.... these few areas take a lot of time and effort, and really I can't be distracted while I'm doing this. So I'm putting ont the "I'm going to be Selfish for just an hour or two, so leave me alone" role and hopefully not make my kids or husband too angry and upset in the process. I think it's really important for me to have this time. And I'll talk more about that in the next post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WORST MOM EVER goes to ......... ME!!

A lot has been on my mind lately. Most of which I'm keeping to myself, at least for the time being. But last night was BAD..... I mean really BBBBAAAAAADDDDD!!!

Two of my girls went to a day camp with their church leaders from Activity Days, which was fine. NOT A PROBLEM THERE!!

But, when said girls or rather the younger of the two, came home she was so tired that anything I asked her to do, or anything I said to her, triggered her into some kind of ANNOYING, IN YOUR FACE, OUT LOUD, LASTING FOR A VERY LONG TIME, NOTHING WOULD SHUT HER UP, AND NOTHING I TRIED TO SAY WOULD CALM HER DOWN, AND IF I MENTION SHE WAS JUST TIRED (she would scream and cry louder and harder) type of fits.

I'm talking major headache -- and to top that off, the youngest sister came in the room throwing a fit for completely different reasons, but a FIT nonetheless.

Daughter #1 said I care more about the computer and playing STUPID games than I care about them.

Hmmmm..... She doesn't normally talk like this, what's her deal?

So of course, I realize it's LATE, like if I tell you how late, I'd be ratted out for how bad a mom I am, and discovered that her main problem was that of being TIRED!!! She just spent the day outside doing outside kind of things, and she'd had it. I am often told by her statements like these:

" I HATE YOU!! You are the WORST MOM ever"

" I don't want you as my mom anymore, your mean!!"

And other such claims. My question is " If I'm the worst mom ever, and I'm mean, who's the best mom ever, and nice too??

I wanted to take cover and hide from all the NOISE last night but I realized she was just tired, but wonder if there isn't some truth to the "worst mom ever" nomination that I have gotten multiple times in one year within just weeks or sometimes even days of each other.

And really is it bad of me to think that someday she'll be a MOM, and the parenting won't get any easier, will it? She thinks she has it all figured out, but I don't know how, or what she plans on doing. Only time will tell, I guess.

So tell me, have you gotten the MEANEST MOM EVER AWARD, or the BEST MOM EVER AWARD??? And how does it make you feel and react when your kids say that they HATE YOU!!???

I'm just wondering....

I'm outta here sluggy buggy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Mothers are a Rare Gem, Indeed!!! Cherish them Always!!

Okay so I'm a stay at home mom.
I enjoy it most of the time.
Despite all the messes, all the screaming, all the crying.
I really do enjoy it.

I try my best to do the things a "Mom" is supposed to do.
But despite all my efforts it seems that someone else...
doesn't think it's as "hard" as I make it sound.

I've got to devise some kind of plan to get him this person more involved. In all of my "mommy" duties.

I've grown up with the impression that the "chores" and household responsibilities can be divided and equally shared among the "Couple". But in my case, I'm the exception. We break that rule big time.

I'm the one who tends to the kids during the day.
I'm the one who makes them food, if they haven't raided everything before "I'm available" and ready to help.
I'm the one who tries to enforce the chore doing by the children, and helping them with homework, and making sure they read.
I take them to their doctor appointments, the library, and the store(s) they want to frequent.
I schedule or at least think of scheduling play dates.
I attempt to do the laundry and sometime I succeed.
I make the dinner, (sometimes I have help with clearing the table), and then onto the doing of the dishes, if I'm not distracted already with something else.
Then I make sure that I take time and play "rough" with them, and go for walks, and take them to the park, watch them do this neat thing or that other one.
I'm telling them to be nice, and trying to intervene before someone is badly hurt.
I suffer when they are hurt.
I give them kisses on their ouchies and hugs free of charge.
I am asked questions that sometimes make me feel "DUMB" because I don't know the answer.
I try to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them right from wrong.
When they are sick, and mom isn't feeling well either, I still sacrifice for them.
I'm usually the last one that gets to eat any food for dinner.
I help them find their lost belongings, and remind them to put them away next time.
I do try to discipline them, and sometimes I'm successful and other times, well.... we'll just pretend those times NEVER happen.
When the awake during the night... I'm usually the one who takes care of their needs.

Wow!!! Now I'm tired of just thinking of the things that can usually happen during the course of one 24 hour period .... no wonder I'm so TIRED!! and EXHAUSTED !!! and wanting to absolutely nothing at all the next day.... BUT then realities hit (aka 5 little people) and the STUFF starts ALL over AGAIN.

Now I wonder how this other person could handle ALL of this in the course of one day. I'm laughing just thinking about it. So to those husbands who think your wife doesn't do much during the day. Just remember that her most important role is that of a MOTHER!! and that your kids well being should be her first priority. Messes will come and go, and tiredness too!! But your children will be small bur for a moment and then the mother will be sad again, because there isn't another to fill the spot. (This is assuming that you've decided you're done creating the family members and are now just ready to play "House" )

Support these special women, and don't MOCK their Valient efforts!!

To all my friends who are mothers, YOU ROCK!!! You are truly and example to me, and I learn new things all the time.

"Sluggy Buggy I'm out of here"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

re: Baths

Okay so really, what is the minimum number of 'Baths/showers' that you need to give to your children, or at least make sure they get so that you aren't considered a slacker of a parent?

I've got 5 kids. 1 bathroom. Do you hear what I'm saying?? It takes like almost 2 hours each time I give my kids their baths. It really takes a while, and then the floor in the bathroom is always SOAKED!!! Am I really a bad mom, or even go on the limb and call myself 'NEGLECTFUL" if I only give them one bath a week??

So like I've said before, if only I had to concentrate on the bathtime... life would be doable. But again, there are more things to do then just the baths.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If I only.....

Yes, so I hate those days, when just the slightest thing goes wrong and it just ricochets through the entire day. Case in point, yesterday was Sunday which meant we needed to get ready for church. I usually try to get the kids bathed Saturday night, but it doesn't always happen. So in my lousy attempt at trying to get baths to all of the kids, my husband started getting a little "upset". And by the time he was able to get his shower and get dressed, he was going to be late for the first meeting. "Oops" He refuses to go when it gets like that. So then out came the daggers, towards me. "I love you"?

I tried to avoid getting upset as well, but one little comment after another, I just couldn't take it any longer. So I being the totally imperfect human that I am, started lashing back, but not quite so severe, (at least not out loud). Finally I was showered and we were a half hour late for the first meeting which lasts an hour. Better late than never, is usually my motto, but never seems to be his -- as far as church goes. Granted not every week is like this, but yesterday it was. So I ended up at church the whole time solo with the kids. We came home, and the comments started in again, OUCH!

Too much for my emotional self to take, and I broke down into tears and bawled for a long time, but I couldn't seem to make up my mind where in the heck I wanted to have my CRY!! I started in the bedroom laying face down into the bed, and cried a lot, who wouldn't? I felt hurt and betrayed (well not really betrayed, but it sounds good), and couldn't understand howcome the other (him) couldn't be compassionate with me right now. I've just gone through a month long duration of one disaster after another, and on top of that I was fighting a two year old for my half of the bed at night. I was sleep deprived, and often tried not to wake my husband so he wouldn't be tired the next day. BUT NOOOO!! He doesn't quite understand my point of view.

But back to when I came home, he was standing over the sink and was working on the dishes. Yeah, the dishes!! Those ones that didn't get done the night Kaylee broke her arm and the ones that piled up since then for a little over a week. Sure, I washed loads of dishes through the week as I needed them, but never seemed to have either enough motivation to wash ALL of those darn things, or I never had enough time, and sometimes it was both. But, the hot head temper coming from party number 2 seemed to dissipate after the NASTY things were finished.

Gosh, I don't know why he waits for them to get that bad, before he's bothered by it. (Major sarcasm).

Being the mom of 5 busy bodied kids, really keeps me dizzy, tired, and often unorganized. I try my best at trying to mother my children, while trying to be a good wife, and housekeeper. All of which, I seem to be doing terrible in lately. I have figured out a few things in the last few years that really makes me know why it's tough.

If I only had to cook the food, and take care of the dishes -- it WOULD be a piece of CAKE.
If I only had to gather the laundry and wash, dry, fold and put it away -- it WOULD be PIECE of Cake.
If I only had to make sure the living room was spotless -- you got it.. it would be EASY!!
If I only had to tend to my children -- you got it --- I would go NUTS, but it would be mostly doable.
And if I didn't have any of the kids around, and didn't have to pick up after them, or enforce them to do thier chores, or teach them responsibility, I wouldn't have a MESS ANYWHERE. But at the same time, I wouldn't be a mother either. I wouldn't feel the love from my kids, when I play with them. Or feel love from them when they make me a new picture. Or experience the pain when they get hurt, just to feel excitement, when they are healed. I wouldn't get the giggles while we were saying family prayers, because of the way someone was acting. I wouldn't get to see half of the movies we watch, because most of them are because of the kids.

So to any mom, who feels so overwhelmed like I do, MOST OF THE TIME, just remember the choice you made, and why you made it. I love my kids, although, ME time is always a good thing, and I think lately I haven't been able to get ANY of that. And granted most DH's don't understand all that goes on with being the MOM, but if they had to "BE THE MOM" I'm almost positive it wouldn't last very long.

And to end my bitterness towards my own DH, I had the lesson tonight on Forgiveness and how when someone does or says something that hurts us, we just need to "Let it Go". (which is in the June 2009 issue - I would have linked it, but it isn't available yet)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

B*I*N*G*O* !!!!!

Yard Sales???

Do you like 'em? Do you hate 'em? Do you even care?

Well most of the time I don't. Because the thought of going to various people's houses who are mostly complete strangers and digging around and looking at their stuff kind of freaks me out. I used to go... when I only had two little squirts but now I have 5!!

After T-man was done with T-ball the entire family went to a few yard sales. I didn't find anything that I wanted, but I did score a find for my sister in law. What was the find? Well, you see they have had this problem with a leaky waterbed, and haven't had a bed to sleep on for a while because of a bad leak. They have ordered a new one, but they are still waiting for it to come in. B-I-N-G-O !!! I see this brand new box, might be a little old, but the original box glue is still in tact, and the condition of the box looks great. I call her while I'm at the yard cell, and asked her about her problem and whether or not they had it solved.. and then she told me the above situation. I told her I was holding a brand new (even if it was a few years old) King Size Waterbed Mattress, and the guy was willing to go $15.00. She was asking me questions about it, and then he said, if they really want it, I'll go as low as $10.00. She offered $7.00 and he said, he was pretty confident he could get $10.00. So she went ahead and told me to get it for her. Awesome!! A really good find, considering the one they are buying is costing them at least $100.00. So I'm glad that I could help her out, at least a little bit, considering she's helped me out a ton. With good deals.

So my point is, I like this "free" way of communicating that goes on between us. We try to pass on the good "steals and deals" that we find, and let each other know about them. We usually know what each other are looking for, and try to keep an eye out for those things. It's great.

I think that GOOD lines of communications need to exist in order for a good relationship to exist and succeed. Because really, who wants to be a part of something where there isn't any talking, or listening going on, and you feel completely alone because of it. This can be true with our spouses, our friends, and family members.

All I have to say is that I have some very FUN, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, sisters in law that I get the privilege of being a sister to. I was the oldest in my family and was pretty much out of the house when all the other kids were going through high school, we all had different ideas and different goals, and different interests. (Which isn't always a bad thing) But I feel like I can call these ladies up and really let them know how I feel, and get a hug, or a listening ear whenever I need one, and they would try to give me the time of day. I'm thinking of two in particular, one is a few years older but since we have kids that are all about the same age, it doesn't feel like there is a 6 year gap between us, and the other one, is a few years younger. The more time we get to spend together the closer the bond. I'd do anything for them, and help them out in a pinch too!! Hey what is family for??

So the next time you are at a yard sale, think about your family, and how much they mean to you.

It's amazing how each family member has a little something different and unique about them that when combined altogether makes up a GREAT FAMILY. I always feel like a dork around them, because they are mostly all older than me, and I tend to ramble, and talk WAY TOO MUCH, but I don't know if they truly understand how loved I feel around them, and feel that I am really a part of their family