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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can feel the love ... tonight.

You know it's got to be heaven sent when everything just works out. So earlier today I was just saying how I really needed to find a babysitter, because I NEED a date with my husband. Then not much later when I was back at home I got a phone call from a friend saying that she had extra tickets to a dinner theatre place, and wanted to know if we could find a sitter and wanted to go. I of course, got instantly excited!! But I can't make such a decision without my husband, because , what if he didn't like this sort of thing. Or worse, what if he doesn't like the people that were offering the tickets? hmmm...

Luckily I knew that he was fine with seeing plays and such and secondly I knew he's good friends with these people too. So the problem and only hesitation being a babysitter for our five little people. Seriously who really wants to be with 5 kids for about 5 hours on such short notice? Well, I proceeded to call a few of my friends that don't have kids yet that would be able to come over and watch the kids on Saturday.

Called the first few ... just got voice mail. So I left messages, and still haven't heard back from them. But I called the 4th person and finally got someone home that answered. And she and her husband were more than delighted to help us out. And the other great thing is, they used to be my 7 year old's primary teachers at church, and they loved her and she really loved them. So apparently I've felt some of those blessing coming from the Lord when all else around us seems to be difficult to deal with and hard to know what to do.

This will be just the kind of night that I need. Because this other couple are just hilarious to be around. I'm glad that we have people like this in our lives, and for whatever reason that they thought of us to invite, because they had a few extra tickets. Thanks guys.

Days like today when it just starts out with a bang of a headache sure make me feel better knowing that someone is looking out and thinking about us. And thankfully the headache dissipated throughout the day. So now it's time to make sure that the house is cleaned for the sitters, so it's easier for them to watch the kids.