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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Button Pushing...

As I was having a conversation with my sister in law today... I got to thinking about something I could post on her. And basically it was the conversation we were having. Or rather the "lecture" or "talk" I was giving... I think I was talking way too much.. but what can I say -- I love to talk, but not only talk but to talk with an ADULT. You know those bigger kids that are over the age of talking like babies, and whining for everything they want. The kind of people that you can relate stories to, and get feedback from.

Well basically I had this to express...

I've realized lately that my husband and I are such a great match for each other. We were one of those "quick" couples. And by that I mean, we didn't date terribly long before we realized that we would get married. Heck from the time we first kissed until we were married... (get ready for this. Are you sitting down?) 100 days. That's it!!

Now some days I think..... 'WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!' and other days I'm saying...
"WE'RE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!! I Love YOU SO MUCH!!" and then there are the " I can't live with you/ can't live without you feeling that seems to happen simultaneously. You know the bittersweet scenario.

But more and more, I'm realizing how perfectly matched we are. Because he seriously balances me when I'm loud and crazy. Balances me because he's probably not loud and usually isn't AS crazy as I am. When I'm upset and getting short with the little people, he tends to jump in and take over getting them ready for bed, while I get to go "relax" and "chill out" or basically " go have a MOMMY timeout" . And the same happens in reverse .. when he's upset with the kids or they seem to be agitating him more easily then me, I'll just take over the reins and herd them off to their beds for some much needed quiet time FOR US.

So not only do we work well as a pair that way, but he also knows how to push my buttons. And he knows exactly what buttons I have that get me going pretty sour pretty quickly. He knows this about me. And why shouldn't he? We've been married now for 11 years, so I think that is reason enough that he would know I have "BUTTONS". The problem doesn't lie with the fact that he knows about them, but that he PUSHES them. Oh, and he's good. He likes to tease, and torment, and thinks he's communicating a whole lot of LOVE my way. Hello?? I think we're speaking different languages here. I'm not getting a whole lot of LOVE out of all the "button" pushing. More like getting pretty UPSET and even ANGRY -- depending on my level of "endorphins" (aka the happy drug, well not really a drug you take, but one that is released when you laugh, and exercise and helps you feel better) at the time of onset.

And over the years, I've been trying to figure out what buttons he has... and well, to tell you the truth there aren't very many if at all. But there is one button I wish that he did have, and I'd engage it EVERY NIGHT, or every time he fell asleep. What button is that? Well, my TV comes with one, and the computer can be manipulated to do the same thing, and my kids NEED one too. Any Ideas???

I wish I could push the MUTE button. Let's see how you like that... husband. Ha.

But even as I'm writing this he probably wishes that I was programed with one of those buttons too. Well this might not be coming out vocally but the message is being heard loud and far. (Or at least I hope so)