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Friday, October 16, 2009

Have you seen my car??

Okay so I know that we've all done this.

What -- is what you may be asking to the screen
while you are reading this. Right?

That's what I thought.

But to answer your question ....
it has to do with being in a parking lot ANYWHERE,

And being the one IDIOT person that has forgotten
where you parked your car.

Translation being: YOU LOST YOUR CAR!!!

If you are laughing you know you're guilty of this.

Well, the other day I went shopping, and luckily without my children.
I happened to frequent a certain major retail store, and on my way out
I noticed this older gentleman pushing his basket and looking a little lost.

So I tried to be discreet in my moments of STARING at him trying to
see what his next move would be. Well he stopped walking a few cars down from
where I parked, and he looked around in confusion. Like he couldn't remember where
he left his car.
He lost it!!

So he looks off in a few different directions, and then suddenly looks off to his left as if
he spotted where he lost his car.
Only to find him walking back up towards me a few minutes

Because it took me that long to unload my shopping cart. I was going slow on purpose
because these moments without kids don't last long, and don't happen very often.

It was my

But back to this guy!!! He comes walking back in my
direction with his shopping cart still full,
and looked even more lost then before.
I didn't stay around to watch the rest of this play out,
but I can only imagine that his next step was to retrace his steps...
to see if he could remember
where he parked the darn thing.
My point: Well, for one most parking lots offer the little numbered
post at the end closest to the
building so that hopefully this can be prevented.
Only how many people ever pay ATTENTION
to those sign posts? I know I don't . Until the next time,
I LOSE MY CAR, and then I notice it after that.
But my biggest tip and pointer on trying to overcome the
if it's a store you frequent just try parking in the same "general location"
everytime. And if you park in the same general location, you'll always use the same
entrance/exit doors (unless they have them closed for some reason and at the point just pray
you don't lose your car). If it's a store you don't go to but once in a while --
seriously find a land mark and make a mental note of it...
so you aren't being someone's entertainment while they are
unloading their cart.

** This in no way says that this incident only happens to older men,
this just happens to be the one I used to tell my story.
Oh yeah, and how can I forget about telling you my favorite signs that some
one has lost their car!!!
When they come out of the store they look as if they
have never seen this sight before.
As they are walking down the isle in the parking lot, you
hear random "car locking" going on, in hopes of them
knowing where they lost their car at. Because of two
things a) they'll see the lights go on and off and b) they'll
hear the horn too. That has got to be my favorite. Not to
mention they all start "REJOICING" "Oh there it is!!"
And of course, when you just happen to be overhearing
people say ... where did we park? I thought we
were over there, and someone else says the opposite
And when you have a family full of children that seem to run
off in all directions because they think they are right
in where the family car was left, and was promised
a treat to the first person that remembers. (Okay
so I have never heard of this one happening but can't
you just see it happening?)
I find myself often watching people.. and sometimes that is how I
find a way to relax. Knowing there are others out there that
do the same "STUPID" stuff I do. But at least when it's them,