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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A letter to someone from my past....

I've decided to follow suit and join up with Mama Kat on a writing prompt. So here's a letter to my first love that broke my heart....

Hey You,

I just wanted to send a letter letting you know how much you really meant to me!! I felt a real connection to you, and you always seemed to get my heart pumping fast whenever you walked into the room.  I thought maybe we'd have been able to really have and pursue a relationship.  And if you had intentions of not doing so, you certainly didn't let it known.

I remember dropping by and visiting and talking with you for hours, and watch you clean and take care of all your guns and ammo stuff.  Then we'd go out and you'd shoot them off. 

Yeah, I remember kissing you, and thought I was in absolute heaven!!  And then every time we would see each other after that, my blood was boiling because you'd seem to heat up the room.  I really felt that I loved you, and part of me still does. 

But when I was informed right before I headed off to college that you were actually (three timing) seeing another girl in the stake, myself, plus a girl that was somewhere in Utah at the time.  As in the words of Buttercup, " I died that day!!"  but fortunately I knew that what we had wasn't true love. 

I managed to get beyond my feelings I had for you, it was tough but I managed.  I wanted someone who was good, and would treat me well, and if I had pretended everything was good with us, I'd have been really upset within a short while. 

You thought you were a jerk when I found all this out, but I'm so glad I had a dear family friend tell me of such actions.  Yes I was sad and distraught, but I've moved on. 

I've now been happily married for 11 and half years, and you know what else... you may be the only one that can stir such feeling within me, but your kiss wasn't as good as my husbands!!! 

Hope you have had a nice life, but seriously I have heard you've gone a different way in life than I wanted to go, and so I think it really was best that things ended when and how they did.  And I seriously pray and hope that you aren't hurting any other hearts out there the same way mine was hurt and broken. 

But thanks for the experience because really it's part of who I am today, and a great reminder of what someone needs to know about a signicant other.  You just didn't have it, but I hope someday you can make a lady really happy and truly love her. 

I used to care about you....
and sometimes I still think of you....

But I know I'm better off without you.  Sorry but that's just how it is.

Heart Broken but I've moved on,