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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I meant to say .... (while randomly living my life )

It's time to get a few things off my chest. 

This last week while driving in the van, I was leaving Costco and heading down the hill towards Walmart, yes, I do shop there.  But on the way, I was calmly and politely driving inside my lane, when all of the sudden this huge vehicle like a BIG van or suburban type was drifting FAR into my lane. Luckily I had the "suicide" lane beside me that was vacated and I had to swerve over and then I HONKED my horn. She looked at me like "what, what I do?"

What I meant to say... OH MY GOSH!! Get off of your cell phone and pay attention already! You nearly side swiped me, and then I'd have been down a vehicle while yours may have went untouched!!  I can't afford something like that right now.  Please PAY ATTENTION.

Last week I held volleyball tryouts for the 7th and 8th grades at the school my kids go to.  Now never having to try out while I was in school, I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into.  I had 39 students show up the first day of practice.  Boys and girls in both grades.   Some taller players, some that probably could walk under the net practically.  It was crazy!!  

What I meant to say .... What the heck did I get myself into!??  Oh my, there are a billion kids out here and it's so NOISY!!    So listen up, if you don't think you can practice every day just leave now, and don't come back, and if you currently have grade issues, leave and don't come back. Because I don't want to get excited over your skills just to find out I can't let you be on the team.  That sucks.   And when your name was called out on the last day as someone that made the team if you weren't serious about being a part of it... you should have SPOKEN UP!!   

I was out on a photo shoot last week.  This cute little boy had just turned 3 and was so handsome.  We had some awesome locations that we used.

What I meant to say.... DANG GIRL YOU'RE GOOD!!   Okay, so you never have taken a class, but I think you are a quick learner and you have some natural ability.  Keep it up.   Who cares if every shot isn't completely perfect.  But I do have to say that photo shoot turned out GREAT.    (by the way I was the photographer)  

See if you don't believe me check this out... I created this collage using the photos taken during the above mentioned photo shoot.  What da ya think?

I got an email from the director of the school that said the following, "  Just today I heard one of the kids say, "Coach Randolph Rocks".   So I went to practice the next day and said, that I heard I wasn't doing a good enough job and wasn't working the team hard enough. So that things were going to change and that I would be working them harder.   I started hearing some groaning, and then a student asked, "Why do you think you aren't doing a good enough job?"   And then I said, that I got this email, and told them what it said.  Of course, the kid who said it was totally smiling about it.  They all laughed. 

What I  meant to say.... Are you kidding me they like ME?? I never thought they would.  I am really enjoying myself, and I try to switch up the drills so that they aren't doing the same ones every practice.  I was all excited when I first read this that I think I'll never forget it.  Thanks Team!!  I really enjoy working with you guys.