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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I meant to say ....

Okay so it could be called What I meant to say Thursday because I am getting to this so late!!!  I have good excuses and good reasons. But we won't get into those.... but I want to get it off my here I go.

  • After coming home from a baby shower open house I threw for my awesome sister Amy,  My husband gave me my "mail".  What it contained was a notice to qualify for jury duty.  I know it wasn't a call to do it right away, but just a preliminary questionnaire.  Great, just what I need.  

  • What I meant to say.... ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME???   I don't have time for this in my life. I'm perfectly content just being myself in my little world.  My husband works fulltime, and I have two little boys home during the day. I have to take kids to school.  What the heck, am I going to do with my house cleaning??  Go figure, just as I'm working my BUTT off to get my house decluttered and organized and CLEAN, something has to come along and upset the fruit basket and then I'll be back to square freaking one again!!  NOT FAIR.  

(Seriously, I know some people have always wanted to be on a jury. But me personally, I've never wanted to.  I thought about moving temporarily so I won't have to ever do a jury session ever, but Chris said I couldn't do that. So I've complied and filled out the form, and I'm praying like crazy that I don't have to do that.)

  • Telemarketers call ALL the time.  They bombard my phone line for what seems like every day of the week and really heavy between 8-10pm.   I ignore the calls, Thank goodness for caller ID!!  
But if I were to answer the phone... 

  • What I meant to say was ....   I'm sorry she's unavailable but if you give me your home phone number I'll have her call you at your least favorite time of day to recieve phone calls.  And for future reference, if you want to get through and talk to a human try calling in between the hours of 4:00-4:05pm and no other time.  She has a life of her own, and can not keep being bothered by the numbers of people trying to call and bug her, and distract her from her daily responsibilities as a wife and mother of 5.  And oh yeah, she's busy chasing her 3 year old so she can finally get him dressed but he's a bit of a booger sometimes, and it's really tiring on her.  So if she has any questions for you guys, or wants you to go over her account to make sure she has the best deal, or wants your supplemental insurance.... she'll give you a call.  Thanks for your time, but please make your calls pretty sparse in the future.    Have a ROTTEN night, since you made ours rotten.  

(Now let me clarify, I know that people make these calls for a living, heck I worked at a market research place and called all the time, I know what it's like.  But not having control over who to call and the time zone really sucked for me.  I'm just saying that I don't want the phone calls, and especially not during dinner time, and not on the Sundays)         

  •  My sister in law had her baby the other day. I was happy for her.  Other friends are having their babies.    
  • What I meant to say.... So when can I take their newborn pictures?  Cause you know that's what I like to do!!  I'm itching for the photo please lets get on with it.  

  • I've been busy CLEANING my house this week. Seriously ALL Day long and into the nights, followed by going to bed waking up and repeating only different tasks the next day.  I'm making lots of progress.  
  • What I meant to do....  Wake up and lay on the couch either reading a great book, while nodding back off to sleep or watching a movie or to on the boob tube.  Or just running over to a friends house and hanging out.  And sometimes I wonder if I could just throw everything into a can and just BURN it all.  I won't because I know it's wrong, but what if...... ???   I'd rather have made fresh home made rolls to eat on, or good dinners instead of being so tired to do anything about it.  Yeah I know, I need a MOMMY vacation and I need it soon.