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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In my arms....

I really enjoy laying with a good book and reading. What's even better?? When my two year old wants to come snuggle up in my arms and there is no one else around and no noise and he lays down and falls asleep and starts snoring. His little body is so constantly busy that I forget how precious this little guy really is.

And with the reality eating at me that he might possibly be my last child.... my heart is trying to soak up all the love and joy he brings to me. His silly little grin, he's very beginnings of trying to talk. He's also (when he's not throwing a fit) trying to please his mom. Oh, that's me!! Lucky me . I enjoy getting to spend time with this little guy, and as I feel with all my children. I love to see them happy, and learn and grow. I can only pray that my efforts, with the help of a loving Heavenly Father will be enough to create their solid foundation .