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Saturday, April 11, 2009

What do you want?????

I seriously considered dropping of my now 2 year old at the nearest person to me, when all he did while I ran into the store to buy 2 dozen eggs for dying. It all started when I got him out of the car..... I unbuckled the little guy, and the first thing he did was WHINE OUT LOUD that he wanted something... but because of his lack of communicating verbally with any remote sound of a word... I had a hard time figuring out what he wanted. I realized that he wanted his Easter bucket with him in the store... apparently they are best friends now and I wasn't aware of this fact.

Then while we were in the store to prevent the 2 year old and the 4 year old from running all over the place I got a shopping cart and placed the 2 year old in the seat at the top and the 4 year old in the basket part. And the 2 year old placed his bucket in the basket part as well. All was fine for the rest of the 30 seconds before I got the eggs in the cart, and then he started WHINING out loud over and over!!! He wanted in the basket, then he wanted out, he wanted on the side than he wanted in the seat again, and this went on over and over. I'm finally at the checkout counter with just 2 dozen eggs and a calm 4 year old sitting nicely in the basket while I'm getting those "grinned" stares simultaneously with my 2 year old wailing and wailing and starting to throw himself backwards while I'm holding onto him in my arms ..... and I tell you I about lost it right there... I had to keep counting to 10 SILENTLY OUT LOUD IN MY HEAD in order to make it through that torturous little trip to the store.

But then I discovered why he was throwing a fit.... guess??? That's right he wanted to HOLD the EGGS. From the minute I put them into the cart until I drove all the way home ( a total of 5 minutes or less) he screamed, and then some after we came into the house. Poor little guy, he didn't understand those ones are "BREAKABLE" -- someday maybe, he'll catch on.

And I'm only writing this so that I have a record of it later... but also to have it be one of those FUNNY stories when he gets older. (Just remember, Ethan, I love you!)