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Saturday, May 30, 2009

B*I*N*G*O* !!!!!

Yard Sales???

Do you like 'em? Do you hate 'em? Do you even care?

Well most of the time I don't. Because the thought of going to various people's houses who are mostly complete strangers and digging around and looking at their stuff kind of freaks me out. I used to go... when I only had two little squirts but now I have 5!!

After T-man was done with T-ball the entire family went to a few yard sales. I didn't find anything that I wanted, but I did score a find for my sister in law. What was the find? Well, you see they have had this problem with a leaky waterbed, and haven't had a bed to sleep on for a while because of a bad leak. They have ordered a new one, but they are still waiting for it to come in. B-I-N-G-O !!! I see this brand new box, might be a little old, but the original box glue is still in tact, and the condition of the box looks great. I call her while I'm at the yard cell, and asked her about her problem and whether or not they had it solved.. and then she told me the above situation. I told her I was holding a brand new (even if it was a few years old) King Size Waterbed Mattress, and the guy was willing to go $15.00. She was asking me questions about it, and then he said, if they really want it, I'll go as low as $10.00. She offered $7.00 and he said, he was pretty confident he could get $10.00. So she went ahead and told me to get it for her. Awesome!! A really good find, considering the one they are buying is costing them at least $100.00. So I'm glad that I could help her out, at least a little bit, considering she's helped me out a ton. With good deals.

So my point is, I like this "free" way of communicating that goes on between us. We try to pass on the good "steals and deals" that we find, and let each other know about them. We usually know what each other are looking for, and try to keep an eye out for those things. It's great.

I think that GOOD lines of communications need to exist in order for a good relationship to exist and succeed. Because really, who wants to be a part of something where there isn't any talking, or listening going on, and you feel completely alone because of it. This can be true with our spouses, our friends, and family members.

All I have to say is that I have some very FUN, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, sisters in law that I get the privilege of being a sister to. I was the oldest in my family and was pretty much out of the house when all the other kids were going through high school, we all had different ideas and different goals, and different interests. (Which isn't always a bad thing) But I feel like I can call these ladies up and really let them know how I feel, and get a hug, or a listening ear whenever I need one, and they would try to give me the time of day. I'm thinking of two in particular, one is a few years older but since we have kids that are all about the same age, it doesn't feel like there is a 6 year gap between us, and the other one, is a few years younger. The more time we get to spend together the closer the bond. I'd do anything for them, and help them out in a pinch too!! Hey what is family for??

So the next time you are at a yard sale, think about your family, and how much they mean to you.

It's amazing how each family member has a little something different and unique about them that when combined altogether makes up a GREAT FAMILY. I always feel like a dork around them, because they are mostly all older than me, and I tend to ramble, and talk WAY TOO MUCH, but I don't know if they truly understand how loved I feel around them, and feel that I am really a part of their family