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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taking the higher road.... a lesson learned.

Do you ever have occasion to meet the
Teacher people, that for some reason
or another just seem to "ERK" you just so?

Well, I was having one of those times,
over the course of the last several weeks.
The teacher is that of a Musical nature,
but also teaches Saxon math to a group of

I was so close, and I'm not kidding,
to writing a NASTY letter to the administration
saying how this teacher isn't doing her job, and
seriously is "failing" my daughter in her educational
pursuit of acquiring such skills in a mathematical
nature that will enable her to get to college,
and upon graduation will probably not use a lick
of ....

Oh wait, let me get back on track, as I was saying
my child was frustrated with having to do homework for
this particular class, and would even start screaming
at the top of her lungs that she didn't want to do it.
And then commence into tears, and all out crying because
she claims it is too hard. So to try and be a "Good" mom,
I just tried to encourage, but seriously she wouldn't budge.

So that was that!
No homework tonight, turned into
or so
(there goes my Mother of the year award

So since this week just happens to be Parent Teacher Conferences
which really are just a time for Parent and Child to go to the
school to "TALK" about what could have taken place at home.
I've only gone through one conference so far, and I had like
ZIPPO interaction from the teacher, except for him to tell me,
that that student is at an 8th grade reading level. AWESOME!!!

But seriously, after that conference I walked to the
other end of the school to see if I could talk with
that TEACHER whom I was getting
frustrated with almost everyday.

She happily let me talk with her RIGHT then, about the
situation, and let me ask some questions, that might
have been borderline offensive if she wasn't the
great teacher, that I came
to find out, she actually is.  I seriously wondered
what they spent all their time in class doing?  So I
was bold and just asked her, so she walked me through
a random lesson plan on her laptop, and I was
having a complete change of heart for this TEACHER.

She made sure to tell me that she loved my child. And
thought that she was an absolute joy to have in class.
And asked me to pass on that my child is doing absolutely
great for where she is at!!! 

So I feel reassured in my daughters educational
pursuits once again. And am now out to figure
out how we can qualify to "accomodate" her. She
isn't the fastest child in the class on her math facts,
but what she does get answered, is very accurate!!

Another fact to know, this daughter is like the YOUNGEST
in her grade, and the class is combined 2nd and 3rd graders.
She has started feeling like she isn't as good as the others
and this I believe is the reason why she isn't wanting to
do the homework anymore.

She is a fairly normal child, but the problem 
actually comes from having to answer so many 
fact problems (mulitiplication, subtraction, addition) 
in a given set of time, and after that time is up, 
you count how many are right.  And that is the score. 
So if you have 100 problems and you only answer 60 of 
them, and you miss one, that would equal 59/100 

See where I'm going? 
All the problems she answered were correct, but because 
she isn't FAST, she gets penalized.  And this is making 
her feel like she isn't any good.  (I want to cry for her now

So after talking with the teacher we feel it best to 
find a way to accommodate  her and her "special" need. 
That way she can feel good about herself. 

I'm glad I decided to approach this situation head on, 
instead of taking the cowardly approach through 
a letter.  I feel better, the teacher feels better, now 
if we can get my child's grade better....

Everyone will be happy.