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Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Friday

Time for random Friday bits....

1.  Played Raquetball for the first time in years with my husband on Wednesday night and LOVED it.  I forgot how fun it was.   And the best part, we were doing something together, getting a great workout, and it didn't cost anything.  (Except for the membership we paid for, and the cost of the equipment to play. But now were set for a year)

2. I'm ready for a Saturday!! Until I realized that in the morning my oldest has an activity through church at like 8 or 8:30 in the morning.  Ugh... maybe I can get the hubs to take her and I can sleep in.  And then we'll do something in the afternoon as a family.

3.  My kitchen and living room have been clean for most of 3 days now.  Yeah, I know not a long time, but it's a start for us.  And seriously I like it more this way, now onto the rest of the house... time to get rid of the clutter, and un needed things.  It's really crazy!!  But we're determined together (the hubs and I) to clean up the spaces in our house, and the cellar and start painting and fixing up the appeal of the house. 

4. I'm not comfortable with public speaking.  Well, maybe with more practice I would be, but I know that it terrifies me, especially when I feel like a goober and am trying to teach something for which I am familiar with, but don't consider myself and expert by any means. So I'm now onto doing more digi pages because that workshop at which I was the "instructor" got me motivated even more.  So ... I'll be pretty busy over the next little while doing that fun stuff. 

5. OH WAIT!!! I forgot the school yearbook has to be finished first, and then onto the digi-scrapping.