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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Mothers are a Rare Gem, Indeed!!! Cherish them Always!!

Okay so I'm a stay at home mom.
I enjoy it most of the time.
Despite all the messes, all the screaming, all the crying.
I really do enjoy it.

I try my best to do the things a "Mom" is supposed to do.
But despite all my efforts it seems that someone else...
doesn't think it's as "hard" as I make it sound.

I've got to devise some kind of plan to get him this person more involved. In all of my "mommy" duties.

I've grown up with the impression that the "chores" and household responsibilities can be divided and equally shared among the "Couple". But in my case, I'm the exception. We break that rule big time.

I'm the one who tends to the kids during the day.
I'm the one who makes them food, if they haven't raided everything before "I'm available" and ready to help.
I'm the one who tries to enforce the chore doing by the children, and helping them with homework, and making sure they read.
I take them to their doctor appointments, the library, and the store(s) they want to frequent.
I schedule or at least think of scheduling play dates.
I attempt to do the laundry and sometime I succeed.
I make the dinner, (sometimes I have help with clearing the table), and then onto the doing of the dishes, if I'm not distracted already with something else.
Then I make sure that I take time and play "rough" with them, and go for walks, and take them to the park, watch them do this neat thing or that other one.
I'm telling them to be nice, and trying to intervene before someone is badly hurt.
I suffer when they are hurt.
I give them kisses on their ouchies and hugs free of charge.
I am asked questions that sometimes make me feel "DUMB" because I don't know the answer.
I try to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them right from wrong.
When they are sick, and mom isn't feeling well either, I still sacrifice for them.
I'm usually the last one that gets to eat any food for dinner.
I help them find their lost belongings, and remind them to put them away next time.
I do try to discipline them, and sometimes I'm successful and other times, well.... we'll just pretend those times NEVER happen.
When the awake during the night... I'm usually the one who takes care of their needs.

Wow!!! Now I'm tired of just thinking of the things that can usually happen during the course of one 24 hour period .... no wonder I'm so TIRED!! and EXHAUSTED !!! and wanting to absolutely nothing at all the next day.... BUT then realities hit (aka 5 little people) and the STUFF starts ALL over AGAIN.

Now I wonder how this other person could handle ALL of this in the course of one day. I'm laughing just thinking about it. So to those husbands who think your wife doesn't do much during the day. Just remember that her most important role is that of a MOTHER!! and that your kids well being should be her first priority. Messes will come and go, and tiredness too!! But your children will be small bur for a moment and then the mother will be sad again, because there isn't another to fill the spot. (This is assuming that you've decided you're done creating the family members and are now just ready to play "House" )

Support these special women, and don't MOCK their Valient efforts!!

To all my friends who are mothers, YOU ROCK!!! You are truly and example to me, and I learn new things all the time.

"Sluggy Buggy I'm out of here"