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Sunday, June 7, 2009

re: Baths

Okay so really, what is the minimum number of 'Baths/showers' that you need to give to your children, or at least make sure they get so that you aren't considered a slacker of a parent?

I've got 5 kids. 1 bathroom. Do you hear what I'm saying?? It takes like almost 2 hours each time I give my kids their baths. It really takes a while, and then the floor in the bathroom is always SOAKED!!! Am I really a bad mom, or even go on the limb and call myself 'NEGLECTFUL" if I only give them one bath a week??

So like I've said before, if only I had to concentrate on the bathtime... life would be doable. But again, there are more things to do then just the baths.