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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WORST MOM EVER goes to ......... ME!!

A lot has been on my mind lately. Most of which I'm keeping to myself, at least for the time being. But last night was BAD..... I mean really BBBBAAAAAADDDDD!!!

Two of my girls went to a day camp with their church leaders from Activity Days, which was fine. NOT A PROBLEM THERE!!

But, when said girls or rather the younger of the two, came home she was so tired that anything I asked her to do, or anything I said to her, triggered her into some kind of ANNOYING, IN YOUR FACE, OUT LOUD, LASTING FOR A VERY LONG TIME, NOTHING WOULD SHUT HER UP, AND NOTHING I TRIED TO SAY WOULD CALM HER DOWN, AND IF I MENTION SHE WAS JUST TIRED (she would scream and cry louder and harder) type of fits.

I'm talking major headache -- and to top that off, the youngest sister came in the room throwing a fit for completely different reasons, but a FIT nonetheless.

Daughter #1 said I care more about the computer and playing STUPID games than I care about them.

Hmmmm..... She doesn't normally talk like this, what's her deal?

So of course, I realize it's LATE, like if I tell you how late, I'd be ratted out for how bad a mom I am, and discovered that her main problem was that of being TIRED!!! She just spent the day outside doing outside kind of things, and she'd had it. I am often told by her statements like these:

" I HATE YOU!! You are the WORST MOM ever"

" I don't want you as my mom anymore, your mean!!"

And other such claims. My question is " If I'm the worst mom ever, and I'm mean, who's the best mom ever, and nice too??

I wanted to take cover and hide from all the NOISE last night but I realized she was just tired, but wonder if there isn't some truth to the "worst mom ever" nomination that I have gotten multiple times in one year within just weeks or sometimes even days of each other.

And really is it bad of me to think that someday she'll be a MOM, and the parenting won't get any easier, will it? She thinks she has it all figured out, but I don't know how, or what she plans on doing. Only time will tell, I guess.

So tell me, have you gotten the MEANEST MOM EVER AWARD, or the BEST MOM EVER AWARD??? And how does it make you feel and react when your kids say that they HATE YOU!!???

I'm just wondering....

I'm outta here sluggy buggy.