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Monday, May 3, 2010

First Attempts... and some editing fun!!

I love being part of a HUGE extended family!!

We had the great opportunity to all gather (well all but one of my husband's sisters and her family) but everyone else gathered and had great food, and good fun!!   


I get to play with my camera  some more using my nieces and nephews. (Okay well, maybe I used my own kids for a few shots as well)    It was a great day, and I had so much fun watching them play, and decided to just get solo shots of as many of them as I could get, and some great group shots too.    (oh did I tell you I got a NEW camera for my birthday a week ago?)

Here are a few ... (plus I'll post more on my other blog too.) 

This first one, I wanted to play around with some of the settings on my software, and thought 
that this antiqued style was looking pretty awesome!!

And who can resist a cute little red head??  Isn't she adorable!!?? 

And then of course, here's one of my beauties!!

And this handsome young man!!  I love his freckles!!