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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

My daughter who is in 5th grade this year, was part of this AWESOME FLAG.  
This picture, I was playing with a long shutter speed, 
and doing zoom out motion (I think).  
At any rate I loved how this photo turned out. 

It was so fun, to sit here and listen to the songs that were sung, and know that we do live in 
an AMAZING country.   Not perfect by any means, but the values upon which it was founded are 
awe inspiring to all around.   This flag is made up of fifth grade.students in Utah County schools in Utah.
It was the Hope of America program which is part of Provo's Freedom Festival.


I arrived at this event a few minutes late because I was getting pampered over at the church by 
they young women who were doing pedicures and manicures in hopes of raising money for 
girls camp this summer.  It was so nice, and so worth it!!  It was part of my Mothers Day gift.
Here I am soaking my feet.