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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A bit of a Rant...

Whew, thank goodness Thanksgiving is over!! And that Black FRIDAY has come and gone!! Seriously I don't know why some people just absolutely LOVE that day!! I did the shopping years ago, and then I haven't gone the last several years.
Well this year I decided to go, since A) I had money this year, and B) there were some things I found on ad that I really WANTED, not really NEEDED ... so I wonder how many other people really NEED these things, and how many of them just WANT them. Well I have come to the conclusion that just about everybody doesn't NEED a BIG FLAT SCREEN TV!! And everybody probably doesn't need all those STAR WARS TOYS, or the Barbies... and on and on.....
I realize that this is all because of WANT. So now what I don't understand is if this is just stuff people want and don't need, how come they still ENJOY this crazy madhouse day of shopping? I can see the benefit on both sides... the consumer wants to save money on items, and unfortunately has to do it on THIS exact day just to save that much money. But on the other hand some people enjoy waiting in lines freezing off their keisters (is that even how you spell it?_ ... just to get that one or two items that they went in for!! Insanity I tell you.
Although I am glad that I didn't have my kids with me, but I would really have enjoyed a friend to come along with me... I'll have to see what I can work out for next year. ** wait a minute did I just insinuate that I'll do this again next year?? ** uh oh... better get MAYCO!!!
I just can't understand how these people can act like complete hoodlums... pushing and shoving just to grab a $3.00 pair of PJ's at Walmart... what the heck??? It's like everyone forgets their manners, and have been completely hypnotized just by walking inside the walls of these stores. And the Walmart I visited (and no I didn't attempt to look for the PJ's although they were on my list!!) back by electronics it was a parking lot!! I swear there has to be some kind of violation of the fire code to have that many people with NO WHERE to go!! And according to the news I listened to.. the crowds were bigger this year then last... and stores only have "so much" of any given ad item for grabs... seriously they should stock pile those things, and clear the store of everything else except those for Black Friday. I'm just saying.
It'd be lots easier to stock the store full of those things that EVERYBODY wants to have. I heard of a two "Grandma" aged women pushing their carts that were stock piled with the PJ's that I just wanted to get five of to fit my kids... but NO... they had to go and take like EVERYTHING.. for all their grand kids, and their friends... like it would be some big SLUMBER Party PJ giveaway or something.
And the amount of ladies that I saw who actually woke up that early and put the makeup on just shocked me... I woke up after actually sleeping in the clothes I wanted to wear (because lets face it one less step to do to leave) and pulled my hair back into a pony tail and who cares what my face looked like or didn't.
I was just slightly annoyed, because I didn't get everything I wrote down on my list... :( but the few things I did manage to grab, almost makes me feel like the crazy ridiculous hours were almost worth it. But there again "ALMOST" only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, or so I've been told. But I was happy when I got home, and even happier after I got to sleep away the afternoon in a QUIET house. That was a great nap!!! Thanks honey!!
A bit of a rant ... but oh well. It made me slightly more insane that day. Whew glad it's over!!
So what I want to know ... why do people LOVE this CHAOS and CRAZINESS?? Am I missing something??