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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wandering Minds want to know...

This darn daylight savings time!!! I hate it!! Even though, I know I get an "extra" hour this time of year. It certainly doesn't feel like it!! I was ready to put my little ones to bed about 15 minutes ago, and then realized that it wasn't 7:30pm but rather 6:30pm!! Geesh... whoever thought of this didn't take into account that it would really screw up moms!!!

Okay maybe it's just me!! But maybe they'll fall asleep sooner because it's dark already and they seem to need a few hours of dark time before they want to fall asleep. Well we will see how tonight goes, and what happens in the morning. (Monday + Morning + ????? = Who knows??)

We trick or treated last night, and bonus for us, we did it without a stroller for the first time in years!!! YEAH!!! So much easier, and faster to not worry about a toddler in the stroller. Luckily my 2 and half year old thinks he's just as old and big as his brother and sisters and walked the whole time. Mostly.

But there is one thing that I have come to HATE about Halloween, well there really is more, but I just want to talk about this one. It's the older kids that act like they are the only kids that matter and exist and crowd you on a porch, and won't be kind enough to MOVE out of the WAY for us to get down. You say EXCUSE US!!! and it's like they don't understand what that means. I guess next time I should just be RUDE AND MEAN and yell, get out of the way now!! LET US DOWN!!!

But I have a feeling, just a feeling, that that might not be the best way to solve the problem. So I don't know if this is due to a parental failure or just plain idiocy of the child. And the other thing, (same group of kids) we were walking to the next house in the neighborhood, and they saw my younger kids approaching the house, and they sprinted to the door, and nearly made my kids fall down. HOW RUDE!!! I know that my children aren't like this, even if I'm not around them. So it just makes me wonder why these kids act like this???

And they aren't even kids that live in the area, or at least ones that I know. So I can't go and talk to the parents and let them know how they are behaving. CRAZY KIDS!!!

Does this kind of behavior get experienced anywhere else, or am I just easily annoyed??

My wandering mind wants to know??