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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My life described in Six words....

From a MEME that my friend Alexes used on her blog over at One Cluttered Brain.

Here are my six words:

Agghhh, I don't have any Chocolate!!!

The story:

Well now that would be more than six words wouldn't it? But who cares it's my blog, and I'll do what I want.

We started to watch a movie with our kids, and I had grabbed six miniature packages of M&M's that were left over from Halloween clearance shopping. But I had reserved three back in the bedroom. I mentioned to the hubs, that there were three in the bedroom. And later when I went in there to retrieve one, just 1 of the packages, I find out that he ATE ALL THREE!!!

WHAT?? Excuse me, did I just hear you correctly?

Yeah, he did, ate all three. He thought I told him he could consume all three!!! HELLO!! No!! Think again!!

So now, I need to remedy this chocolate fix of a fix I'm in.

Note to self : when I mention that I have any Stash of anything left, don't let him know how much is available, he might just gobble it all up!! Aw, the nerve of that MAN!!! My goodness. What am I ever to do, now that I don't have my chocolate??

But I guess I still love you, even if you eat all my chocolate!!!!