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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I don't usually write a letter to you, or at least I haven't for several years now. But I decided that I wanted to change that this year and just let you know how the year has gone.

As you know we've got 5 rambunctious, full of ideas, who won't be quiet when I want them to, but will come and give random hugs, and say I love you, --kids that live here and call us Mom and Dad. They are really working hard these days, and have really been good at doing dishes lately. It's so nice, less that I have to do!! So feel free to indulge in their favorite wishes, but only if you have time, because I know you are quite busy.

I also have a few wishlist items right now too!! For one I would like to have a BIGGER HOUSE!! Of course, there aren't too many bigger houses that we could afford the payment on so that's why we still LIVE here in our little house. But that's okay, because at least we can be cozy!!

So if I can't have the bigger house, I would settle for a new computer!! But even with that, we can't afford it outright either! So maybe I could go for a DSLR Camera, please!!?? Oh yeah, that one will cost a lot of $$ too!!! (Maybe in a few years, I'll have enough saved up) So if I can't have any of these things, because you have a "tight" budget too, then maybe we can go for a LAZY BOY rocker/recliner!! We have room for one in the living room now!! Well, seriously if that's still too much, I could settle for CHOCOLATE!!! Especially Reece's Peanut Butter cups -- the miniatures, and then I wouldn't mind getting boxes of peanut butter TWIX's. I love those things!!

And if I haven't been good enough to get even that, well then I'd be happy if I can spend Christmas with my family, and share in the laughter and love that we have for one another. I would also like "WORLD PEACE" ---**( can you tell me where that line is from?)

My husband has been a huge help the last few weeks, yeah, I know it took a while, but he's doing great and he works hard and amazingly enough we survived this year living on reduced pay. We had just enough to pay the bills, and somehow managed to get some food. Not our favorites but we did have food!! So for Christmas I'd like for you to supply him with some new clothes for work seeing how he spends most of his time there, and it's been a couple years since we've gotten him shirts. He'd also like to get a membership to the rec center. (I'd like that too!!) And could you please make sure that we have some grubbin food ready to eat so that I don't have to stress over it all day. (stress and I really don't go well together!)

My children have actually expressed some interest in some kind of gaming system!! They feel so left out that we don't have anything like that and all their cousins do. (Well mostly all of them do). But I'd just settle for a MIRACLE of having them clean their room!! See what you could do about that one!! I could use some help in that area.

I have lots of friends across the country and even the world, and if you could please make sure that they are watched over and have a good Christmas too that would be great!!

I'd also like an extra helping of ENERGY!! Some days... well it's all I can do to just stay awake!!

And if you could seriously work another miracle and get the 2 year old to sleep through the night and not run to my room, I'd seriously like that!! And while you are at it, a new mattress in the bedroom would be great too!!

Well, you know all the specs, on the kids being good or not, but they really are good kids!! See if you can help them out.

And as always, be sure to stop and get your snack, and there'll be snacks for the reindeer too. So if you have a request, now's the time to put it in!! You got my digits.

Make sure to rest up, because Christmas is coming up fast. And be sure to use the "hidden" key we told you about, so that you can still get in the house, seeing how we don't have fireplace for easier access. I'll do my best to make sure the kids are in bed EARLY that night, and for some reason it seems to be the only night that they ever do EXACTLY what I say. Why is that??

Well, take care Santa and tell the Mrs. I said Hi, and
wish you both a Merry Christmas too!!
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