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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mingle Dec 7, 2009

Okay so once again it's time for MONDAY MINGLE!!! I'm linking up with 80 mph MOM and I LOVE DOING THIS!!! I think when I've got a collection of them, I'll just burn them to a CD or DVD or something. Pretty fun stuff!!!

Before the video though, I want to wish my friend LORIE a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We've been friends since we were kids and are still friends today!!! Love ya Lorie!!! Have a great day!!!

**Just ignore the "SCREAMING" babe you can hear... he's always doing that.*

And now I realize I put some pretty lame facts about me on the video so I'll just a list a few here too. I love to Digi scrap!!! I love to run bath water (with or without bubbles) and relax and read !!! I played basketball, volleyball and softball in high school, and for a little while I was also a cheerleader. But I really preferred playing basketball the most!!

So maybe this will make up for the LAME -O ones I used in the video.

Ta ta ...looks like snow.. and I'm off to get some Hot Cocoa because I love a nice large cup of that!!!

Have a great Monday!! (and rest of the week)