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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday..... Trip down Memory Lane!!

Baby Ethan

Kaylee when she turned 2 (It's my Elmo cake that I haven't shown off yet, I don't think)

Kaylee on her 8th Birthday. I love to "disquise" their presents.  By the way I was nursing at this time, Ethan was only 2 weeks old when this took place.

Extra points if you can guess my child that's hiding under there.

Like Father Like Son.

And this is my lovely little Sunshine, who'll make a beautiful bride someday!!  Well, of course, all three of my girls will, but she's my baby girl, and there's always something different with the "baby girl".  This was about a year and half ago.  Plus she dressed up as a "bride" for Halloween this last year in 2009.