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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Friday...

BROWNIES ...... I love 'em!!!!
I found this great recipe on the internet from someone, and I altered a few ingredients (or rather omit them) and these things are so delightful. I'm surprised because I made some this afternoon, and from the entire pan I made, I've only eaten one brownie. (by the way that's good... of course, the kids are headed off to bed, and when I'm done here, can probably guess that I'll eat at least one more) Do you blame me??

CREDIT CARDS..... I Hate 'em!!!   
Well, just the fact that they are easy to use, but twice or ten times as hard to pay back.  We're using tax return money to pay off all the higher interest balances that we had, and that will leave us with only 1 that we will make payments on and hopefully be rid of it by the end of this year.  (Crossing my fingers.)  We're looking into buying a newer, bigger house in the near future that is about 2-3 years away maybe and really would like to have our finances in our control again, and keep them that way.  Although, having a credit card is great when emergencies come up, but not for impulse spending.  So now my motto is this " if I say to myself that I can just put it on the credit card .... a bells and whistles sound should go off, and then I should know that I need to talk with Chris (my spouse) before doing such a thing."    I'm committed... and so is he... I really think that this will work, but only if we don't face any catastrophe's this year before we're ready to be rid of the debt.  

Valentines Day..... (NOT SURE WHAT I THINK???)  
It's nice and all to have some kind of "Special Day" but seriously since I'm married, I like my Anniversary more.  Not that I don't like Valentines Day but there just isn't any thought behind any of it.  My husband isn't romantic (well not all the time, he has it in him if he really tries) and we have 5 kids.  No one really wants to watch 5 kids, and I don't like "farming" them out.  I like them to all be together. Call me weird, but I do.   Luckily the oldest girls are old enough for us to start going on dates every week, and leaving them here at home to "babysit".  So it's getting easier, and I find that I look forward to our date night.  We're not rich, so we can't afford the "FANCY SCHMANSY"  places that I hear lots of couples go for the big day's celebration.   So we're going out for dinner tomorrow night... not sure where.   But I know it'll be fun.  But for Valentines Day which falls on Sunday this year I'll make the family Chicken Enchiladas.... and we'll make some valentines cookies.  (Basically a sugar cookie that they cut out in heart shapes.)  But we really make a bigger deal out of our Anniversary.... am I the only one that feels and thinks this same way???


I'm the committee chair this year for the yearbook at the elementary school my children attend.  This will be my third year working on the yearbook, and so far I feel like I'm just a puppet doing what the PTO says I should do.  I have to include things that they want, even after I tell them we don't have room.  I can't really do things the way I want to, and when the first deadline came, I was told to not submit the batch. But to wait until the March final deadline to submit everything.  Well, at least those pages are done, now it's just time to fix the activity pages and get pictures of activities that have gone on throughout the year.  I don't want any complaining because, if you aren't helping to "build it" or supplying us with much needed pictures, or helping to sponsor the book... then really if I'm the chairperson... let me be.  Please.  I don't know if I want to do this again next year, because ...well it's a whole long story I could put into a different post. It's seriously a stressful ordeal, when too many hands get into the project. 

Okay so that's it for my Random Ranting and Praising .... Remember these are just my thoughts, and are subject to change without further notice.