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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tardy Again.... And yes I said Again.

Okay so I wrote a note that said something like this:

Mr. P,

Katherine had a rough morning which has caused her to run behind today.


Mrs. R

Not a big deal right?? It's not like she was all that late for school this morning, but this is what the note should have said....

Mr. P,

Katherine has had a rough start to her day. When entering her room to make sure she was waking up, she whined and cried that it was "FREEZING" in her room, and did not want to get out of bed. Even after I suggested she go into the living room where it felt "warmer" and that she could stand over one of the heater vents and "warm up". She screamed at me with high pitched, hurt your ears king of screaming, and so I had to think fast as to what I could do to get her up and moving. I then took away her blanket that she loves, and had been mummified in, only to hear her start her awful girl screaming once again. Sorry, but I was losing patience at this point, and really was running out of time. We continued to get the other kids dressed and ready, and were going to eat instant oatmeal this morning, but realized the time, and opted for bagels instead. You know, because they are quick, easy and portable. The perfect breakfast when you are in a hurry. Katherine was still in bed, and don't fret because she is nearly 10, and so I left her here at home while I drove the other two to school so they could arrive on time. I told Katherine before I left that she needed to be ready to go when I got back. Luckily she was, and then we headed back for the second time today already. I've told her that she doesn't get to go swimming this weekend because of her behavior this morning. Now I might still let her, but it will have to be a HUGE thing she does to earn that privilege back. We really try to get her to school on time, but sometimes, well as you can see it isn't that easy. And she was the first one asleep last night. I think things will work out a lot better if we were able to have our girls in their own rooms. But that can't happen until we move into a bigger house. But one day at time, and we'll be able to solve that problem. So because of this, she is running late this morning.


Mrs. R.

(She was only 3-4 minutes late, but still it was a hard morning, trying to stay calm and not wanting to actually make and force her to behave.) I think I need a nap now, I'm tired from doing all that just this morning. And just so you know her grades aren't suffering, she really has great grades.