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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glory Hallelujah !!!

Okay so I know I'm not the only one that has scored on the huge cereal deal going around.  But here is where I find that couponing is starting to pay off.  Now if I can get in on all the other "GREAT" deals that come around ....  

So to start off, I thought going to a local grocer to buy 5 boxes of Quaker Life Cereal and pay .98 cents a box after using an in ad coupon was a great deal.  And the one with buying 5 boxes of the 10 count Quaker Chewy Granola bars for the same deal after using the coupon. 

But last night, I realized that Smiths had the same thing on sale (almost minus the granola bars) but that if you bought the 5 boxes and then used that same coupon for $3.00 off.... guess what I paid only .40 cents a box for a 15 oz box of Life original and Life (cinnamon). 

So just today I went and stocked up on cereal at 40 cents a box... here are the totals. 
Trip 1 I bought 10 boxes of Life Original cereal and a 6 pack of Dove soap (which I had a .75 cents off coupon for) and then I bought a box of Wheat thins, and Nature Valley Granola bars ( I had coupons to get each of those things free)

Total before savings and coupons:  $45.90  after savings and coupons (Any guesses)  .... $ 8.89

Trip #2 :  I bought 20 boxes of Life cinnamon, and 5 boxes of Life regular.... 

Total:  Before savings ... $79.51 ... (Really like I'd go and spend that much just on cereal.)   So after coupons and savings for 25 total boxes I spent $10.76

Picture of all the cereal I bought just today.

So after all the cereal adventures.... I now have 40 boxes of Life cereal and no milk to go with it.  Better go get some milk.  So it's important when using coupons to find the best deal around, and go for it. (Assuming you have some funds to do so.)