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Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Crazy without you....

Dear Computer,

I don't like that you decided to take an unscheduled vacation.  A word of warning would have been great.

So please before you try and do something so bold again, I'd like it in writing that you are needing a break. 

You know I try and turn you off every night to let you have some down time, but if that isn't enough for you, well then you need to speak up.  You've never had a problem before letting me know you didn't like what I was doing, you know the incessant beep after beep.  Yeah, it does get annoying.

But I'm glad I noticed you "left" when you did, so that I could try and get my data saved before it was too late. 

The lesson has been learned, and too bad our relationship ended the way it did. But I think I'll get along greatly with your new replacement "part".   Maybe we can train the new one before it gets too late. 

I've come to really rely on you computer, and when you abuptly leave without warning, it can really rack my nerves and cause me stress that isn't necessary.  I think that you could have found a more tactful way to approach this time and milestone in your life, so please think about this while you are on your vacation.

Crazy without You.