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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I WON!! And hope to do it again!!!

Okay so bare with me, I am just a little excited!!!

 Just found out that I am the winner for Tristi Pinkstons book called Secret Sisters!!!

A few days (or week) ago I blogged about wanting to win a fantastic giveaway, and well it helped me tons because I did win it!! 

So I'm going on a limb again, and want to cross my fingers really tight for a chance to win another free book!!  But you can also enter by going to this website. 

Sounds like a great book, and since I've got summer right around the corner and lots of time, that will not be used transporting kids to and from school, or the endless tortuous hours of the homework struggles, I'll have some time on my hand to do some READING and adding books to my collection to read over the summer can't ever be a bad thing. Right??  

I'm excited to check this author's work out!!  Laurie Lewis,   has written Awakening Avery which the book is scheduled to come out really soon!   I'd love to get my hands on a copy!!   How about you??? Hop on over here for your chance to win.