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Monday, April 12, 2010

Music of the soul.... that makes the body want to move

Okay .... I finally added some music to this blog, because I LIKE IT!!!   Well, I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! 

I titled this collection of songs.. " A soundtrack for my life"  and some take me back to my high school years, stuff from college, and songs from my married life.   But more importantly, they all mean something to me.  If some of the lyrics are "bad" well don't hate me for that.  But realize I don't really pay attention to lyrics sometimes and it really is just the rhythm and  beat of the song that call out to me.  I loved and still do songs that I could dance to.  Not that I'm all that great, but it was a great way to get a good workout in, and while in high school I learned a few routines, that due to my lack of practicing, I've lost the steps to.  But I did learn individual "moves" and that help me to impress my roomies back in college who really thought I could dance.  Boy did I have them all fooled.

But in all seriousness, I love music with a great dance beat ( more the hip hop kind of stuff) and now be sure and take a look and listen at the playlist just below the post.  Maybe I can one day be brave like Cluttered Brain and show off some dance moves, or at least the wanna be dance moves .... but for now, I'll just rely on her to do such entertainment on camera for the whole world to see, and I'll just stick to Bustin a Move here in my house, for all my family to see and my kids to laugh at, and then join in, because they like the songs I listen to and think they are cool!!

Cause I'm HOT and HIP like that.