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Monday, April 5, 2010

March 25th, 2010.... Girls Day Out

Okay so I know this is a little late getting on here, but please give me a break already!!

I had computer issues, but now that most of the issues have been worked out, I want to share with you
my girls day out pictures.

It was such a FUN DAY!!!  And so here my pictures begin.  Just remember I am a DORK, and I like to have my camera, which is just a lousy point and shoot at the moment,  with me ALL the time.  Because I like to REMEMBER my experiences through pictures. 

So on the "DAY" we met up at 7:45am in Provo, Utah and then 
headed up to Salt Lake area to meet up with one of Cluttered Brain's
other friends, who would meet us at the studio.  Yes, I said studio. 
We were going to a taping of "Good Things Utah" (and it was fun.)

We got there a little early and were just hanging out in the van waiting for
the other friend. So here I am with Steph.

 Random Picture ... of Cluttered Brain.

 So we're both dorky!!  We were taking pictures of
each other while taking a picture.

 Playing around with my camera and she just happens to be the 
SUBJECT.  And a gorgeous one at that!!! 

 Here is the SET.  It really was fun to see the way they operate 
for shows like this, it really was fascinating.

 (See here Alexes.... I told you I had a good one of you and Debbie)
So obviously this is Alexes with her friend Debbie.

 Trying to get a group shot, self portrait style...

  Okay and I'm a really big dork... I think the camera was running 
funky.  It took a while to finally take the picture, so I started to 
goof off, and then, of course, it decided to take the picture, when 
I put on the goofy face.

 A group picture of us with the Good Things Utah ladies.

And of course, we were thinking the same thing at the same time. 
We both ordered the same thing for dessert and both turned to get
our cameras out to take pictures of the scrumptious stuff. 
And now that it has been so long since I had it, I can't remember 
what it is called, but it was GOOD!! 

But this picture was taken because just then we realized what each other
was doing and then we both started laughing.

 And after a very fun time of visiting and being together, the day drew 
to a close. But it wouldn't be complete until I had taken a picture 
of the two of us together.

 These kinds of days don't happen often, but when they do, 
they are definately memorable. 

Thanks for a great day out ladies. And to my husband, Chris, thanks
for holding down the fort at home while I was away.