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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A last minute hair affair.... ???

Okay so this isn't quite last minute, but I was wondering if there was anything that I wanted to do that was "WILD AND CRAZY" before I have my birthday on SATURDAY!!

and my mind went BLANK..  That's right, completely BLANK!! 

For one I'm not the "WILD AND CRAZY" kind, until I get around a bunch of my friends at different gatherings we all go too, then things get kind of crazy.

So I've been thinking some more and well, I'm sorry to say I have NOTHING in mind.

As many of you know I have LONG, LUSCIOUS (at least I like to call it luscious) Brown, slightly wavy hair and it's a complete difference from when I was married.

One of my Senior Pics ... and I still have the jacket.    This was fall of 1995!!!  So for those who don't want   do the math... I graduated in 1996 so I've been out of school   FOREVER now.  Can you tell I didn't want to do the math either... I hate the reminders that I'm getting older everyday!!   
So my hair wasn't extremely long, like it is now, but it wasn't really short either.  

Then: circa 1998 (to be exact June 24)

This was Fall of 2005 before I got this haircut I had long hair at least to the 
middle of my back. So I liked the hair cut like the first day, and then I hated it. 
I couldn't duplicate how she styled it at the salon, and then ... well I like my 
hair longer.  So I grew it out, and it grew, plus I got pregnant with my 5th kid and 
my hair grows a little accelerated then, and ....

.... And here I am circa 2010 -- nearly 12 years later.  (To be exact March 20, 2010) 

My question then is .... Do I do something extreme to my hair?
Would you, if you were in my situation? 
And what's your take on coloring hair? 
Do you let your daughters do that?
I want to go lighter again, but I don't want to 
explain to my tweens why they can't, if I do that.

So back to the first question... do I be daring and bold .... ?? 
  ** Hint:  NO WAY IN HECK!!!

See what did I tell you.. I'm not WILD and CRAZY 
all by myself but put me in a room with other attention 
starved ladies and we can all be quite a riot. 
And that does a body good. 

And PS... don't knock the pictures, we only used disposable cameras to take pictures and I really REGRET 
that now, do you hear me... I REGRET NOT HAVING A PHOTOGRAPHER  on the professional level 
there to capture our special day together.   So it wasn't a very good image to begin with, but 
it's all we have. And for that I am grateful. 

Secondly, the current picture is taken with my piece of junk point and shoot camera that is on 
it's way to camera heaven ... just as soon as I get a better one. (Crossing my fingers..remember 
my birthday is on Saturday -- just two more days )  Oh my.

So I'm now curious as to "Extreme" hair changes for you over the last 12 years.  

So go ahead and create a crazy post like this one, and show us the changes you've been through with your hair, and what you did or didn't like about it.