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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Week at a glance.... (It's just the begining)

I'm a RETARD of a DOOFUS!!! (Okay not like that is really a correct term or anything but I just like making up funny ridiculous names to call myself, or others closely related or on nearly BFF status)

I revamped my other blog,  and gave it a new look. So swing by and have a peak if you'd like.  The other look was great for Winter Time, but I needed something different for SPRING and maybe into Summer.  So I had fun creating it.

So why am I "whining" or "complaining" ?   Well,   I'm glad you asked.

I don't have much time during the day, with two little rascals keeping me busy here at home, or out and about trying to stay sane, and regular household duties that need attention, it's really hard to find time to "REVAMP" much of anything in blogland.   So the only way I can do it, is by sacrificing some sleep.  Now that I've played around with it, I'm liking it a lot. 

This week at a glance:

Monday Night our family holds Family Home Evening. (Not sure if that link will work or not) But basically it's a time set aside for families to spend time together, and learning more about the gospel.  Our family looks forward to this every week.  It's one of the highlights of our week. 

Annual PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)  breakfast for Committee Chairs ( Remember?  I did the YEARBOOK!!)  So I get to go first thing in the morning on Tuesday and partake of the goodness the PTO is providing, (and they don't usually skimp)

Later that same night, if I am able to make it, will be the Recipe Group Exchange/Sampling.  This month the theme is sides.  (What??)  I don't usually deal with sides unless it's a huge get together somewhere, or Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas... get the point.  I'm lousy at fixing dinners with "all the courses".  A side to me happens to be a jar of bottled pears or peaches that I personally canned, or some kind of fruit.  So maybe I should go, and get some better ideas.  What do ya think?  Anyone else out there have good side dish recipes??  Please pass them my way.

Wednesday -- probably going out to visit some friends in my neighborhood with a program we call visiting teaching.  (If you are curious, and don't know what it is please just ask and I'd be happy to tell you) Hopefully Chris and I can make it out to play racquetball again.

Thursday  -- My visiting teachers will come over to my house around 10am, and then I'll take the boys to playgroup which is taking place at McDonald's play land at 1pm, and then I'll head to the Temple most likely later that evening when Chris is home from work.

Friday -- (I'm Thinking.....)   (I'm Thinking....)   Can't think of anything, or if there is something I completely forgot about it.      ---- wait, I think I remember... The Women's Expo. YES that's it, I'll go hang out around there sometime this weekend, not sure yet when.

Saturday -- Something was going on this day, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  (my birthday April 24)
I can't believe another year has gone by, my goodness. I swear the internal clocks completely speed up as you age. Which is ironic, because you move slower the older you get so you think time would SLOW down, but no, it just keeps on,  getting FASTER, and leaves little time to catch up before you are running behind again.

Speaking of which, I better get my behind to bed. (It's late here) And I'm not telling you how late, but it's later than I wanted it to be.